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Roberts Space Industries ®

Blazing Rapture / BLAZER

  • Organization
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Transport
  • Smuggling

“We move everything discretely… for the right price.”


  • [unknown]
  • 2933 – Mya [Leir II]: Shantal and Jassiari found the Blazing Rapture organization and rename their ship – a modified Constellation Aquila – the same.
  • 2938 – Proceeds from their operation have reached the level that the duo pay off the last amount they owe on their ship. From that year on, the Blazing Rapture is truly independent.
  • 2946 – Shantal’s son Derran joins the organization to run the day-to-day business while Shantal and Jassiari focus on maintaining and increasing the organization’s network of suppliers and customers.
  • [tbd]


“You want your name to stay clean, but desire some discrete services of a mature nature? The Blazing Rapture can provide: guaranteed discrete, low profile and anonymous through 100% legal contracts.”

Using its own small flotilla of vessels, or through services of 3rd parties, the Blazing Rapture provides the following services with an unparalleled amount of discretion and guaranteed anonymity for both customer and supplier:

  • VIP transportation
  • High value goods transportation
  • Import and export of specialized goods and services

Contact one of our agents, or leave a message via this secure channel . Alternatively, one can drop of a message at one of the many Citizen’s Coffee Company stores.


The Blazing Rapture is an organization run like a small business providing niche services to discerning individuals and organisations that require their reputation to be untarnished by direct dealings with the less savory elements of society, or obtaining products, substances and services which are frowned upon from a moral point of view by society at large or governmental rules and regulations in general.

Due to the nature of the activities in role-play, members of the organization need to be 18+ years of age and able to conduct their role-play in a serious and adult fashion. Discrimination of others based on views, orientation, preferences, genetic make-up etc. are not tolerated and will result in being kicked out of the Blazing Rapture organization. This does not apply as strict when in-character, though any such behavior that adversely might affect the reputation of the Blazing Rapture or its members will result in disciplinary actions – all in role-play of course.