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Cargo Liberation & Salvage / CLS

  • Syndicate
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling

Cargo Liberation & Salvage is a “legitimate and fully licensed” cargo transport and goods acquisition corporation operating out of Spider in the Cathcart system.

Alcohol may be served on all CLS vessels during operation.


Cargo Liberation & Salvage started was founded about 12 years ago from a collaborative effort between Avacar and the Falx brothers. Initially focusing on piracy and smuggling, it eventually acquired new talent and branched into some legitimate trading, mining, and business ventures.

The history of our organization can be found through our documentary series: Cargo Liberation & Salvage


Need your highly valuable and easily liquidated cargo moved from this sector to the next past a security checkpoint? CLS can do that*. Worried about pirates attacking your convoy? Not anymore! Simply tell CLS exactly when and where the convoy will be, and we guarantee the only ships you’ll see during that voyage will be owned by CLS.** Annoying space graveyard full of valuable ship debris? Let CLS salvage that for you, at our usual commission.***
NEW Cargo Liberation & Salvage now offers Slave Liberation services. At no charge**** CLS will send its combat-ready fleet to attack any slave trader, and liberate all slaves. These will be dropped off at a neutral outpost as close to secure space as possible.
Interested in joining CLS? You should, as it was recently voted among the top 100 corporations operating out of Spider for employee perceived satisfaction. 95% of all CLS associates have survived the most recent fiscal year!

*Good “transport” services may be subjected to additional fees; all checkpoints, bribes, and expenses will be charged to the client. CLS reserves the right to keep 60-100% of any transported good.
**CLS in no way guarantees the continued ownership of your ships or goods.
***CLS will take 100% of the salvageable material and does not commit to clearing any hazards or debris.
****CLS will not charge any money for slave liberation. We hate slave traders, and will kill them on sight.


—— Cleared for Public Release ——
Cargo, Liberation & Salvage Corporation
UEE Business Registration – CLS000538X56J

Cargo, Liberation & Salvage prides itself on timely and safe delivery of customer cargo and processing of salvaging jobs.
Additionally, CLS will fervently track down any slavers in the system and bring them to justice.

Preview – Public Code of Conduct for CLS employees:
Respect of the customers cargo is of the utmost importance.
Jobs are to be processed in a timely manner with a realistic timetable provided to the customer.
Pilots found to be imbibing heavily while on mission will be dismissed.

-The full CLS CoC is available in the public registry, document number: CLS_CoC_0001134rev.5.1