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Citizen Star Ventures / CZENSTARS

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An umbrella organization for projects and investments by Citizen Ed and friends with the overall goal of enlightened self-interest & to the betterment of Civilization.

Contact us: Discord


Citizen Star Ventures supports these Projects:

In the SC Verse:

Citizen Stars Foundation – A charitable foundation dedicated to finding and helping “Citizen Stars” that contribute to the furtherment of (Human/Sapient) Society.

Citizen Star News – News Org founded on Cassel in Goss. Now being rebuilt in Terra.

UNN-NEWSUNN-NEWS Journalism Accreditation & Support Project

Rising Stars Mutual Aid Network – Citizen Stars Ventures is a charter member.

Million Mile High Club – Intend to run this backer owned facility for fun & profit.

In Real Life:

Citizen Star is now most active on twitter @CZenStar

Citizen Stars Cooperative – Projects to support Star Citizen Role Play, Content Creation, and Information Exchange, which lead to supporting and now hosting Star Citizen Tools Wiki.

Video by org member Miguel Johnson, used with permission.


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Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!