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UNN-NEWS Journalism Accreditation & Support Project

Reporters, Editors and Media Producers welcome!



We support the UNN NEWS Association

Main Citizen Star website is inactive at this point. Currently still active on Twitter:

2944-01-27 – A shadowy figure known only as the Transhumanitarian establishes Citizen Star/NEWS. Is it in preparation of total media domination? Only time will tell.

2944-02-10 – First media presence of Citizen Star/NEWS goes online on the Comm-Net. Reporting covers UEE Senate and Operation Pitchfork. New offices in Cassel Landing, Goss II unvieled. @Transhumanitarian now seems to be now going by the moniker “Citizen Ed(itor-in-Chief)”.

2944-02-13Mass syndication deal signed, transforming the company from a simple news agency to a media distribution conglomerate.

2944-02-16UNN NEWS Association Formed, Citizen Star/NEWS in partnership with Universal News Network forms the UNN NEWS Association dedicated to the support and accreditation of journalists throughout the ‘verse.

2944-08-23 – Citizen Star partners with Operation Pitchfork to host the first Pitchfork Challenge, a competition held in the “Vanduul Swarm” mode of V0.8 of Arena Commander, a flight/combat sim published by Original Systems. The event is intended as entertainment as well as raise awareness for the struggle against the Vanduul. Citizen Star News supports Operation Pitchfork, but remains committed to publishing all points of view on the subject.

2944-10-03 – Citizen Star welcomes The Base into the Citizen Star/NEWS network. Listen to the Best Damn Shows on the Spectrum!

2944-11-09 – Entity known as Transhumanitarian retires to cold sleep. Citizen Ed now operating independently as CZenStar, operating the Citizen Star (SID: NEWS) corporation.

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We support the UNN NEWS Association

The Citizen Star is a news reporting and media syndication conglomerate, based in UEE space but covering stories from all over the verse. With media programs and brands that span the gamut between infotainment and serious investigative reporting. We invite people to join that want to play journalists, media producers and related characters.

We will work with other “rival” organizations for the betterment of the common good. Open to publishing and syndication agreements.

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