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Roberts Space Industries ®

Galactic Astrometrics and Nexus of Jump-points / GANJ

  • Corporation
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Scouting

Our foundations are built from curiosity; our ambitions from discovery.

Welcome to the Nexus. Here we offer opportunities for work and career expansion in exploration, scouting, and service activities.

We primarily communicate on Discord


After the publishing of the ARK Starmap, the need for a dedicated Astrometrics research organization arose. Without scientists and explorers to maintain networks of stable Jump Points, eventually routes will close off as old jump points evaporate. That is where we come in. Out in deep space our unpublished jump networks will provide a critical advantage for traders, medics, explorers or even fleets during wartime. We offer these networks to our members, affiliate organizations and clients, and provide many other services for those in need, our divisions consist of Exploration and Scouting, Science and Research, Medical and Rescue, Transport and Refueling, Paramilitary and Escort, and Public Affairs. As you can see, we are looking to admit nearly every role.

While we are listed publicly as a ‘casual’ corporation, we definitely support ‘hardcore’ gamers and encourage players to take their gameplay seriously.

For our main members, we will provide priority access to paid missions based on contracts taken from allied entities.

Our corporation is allied with the Cognition Corporation and the 110th Deadpool Corps.

Join us on Discord! This is currently our primary means of communication between the members of the corporation until several aspects of Spectrum improve.


Since this is a casual corporation we do not require the general populace to remain active, nor do we require main membership status to join. While we consider ourselves ‘casual’ corporation, we definitely support ‘hardcore’ gamers and encourage players to take their gameplay seriously.

This Corporation has a spot for nearly any job; combat, science, exploration, experienced piloting, smuggling and information trading are just a few of the positions we can find a spot for you in.
For our main members, we provide paid missions based on contracts taken from allied organizations.

We will not limit your standard playstyle, all private occupations are allowed within the organization. However when performing in formal missions you are expected to adhere to the chain of command. If your private affairs are interfering with your ability or the abilities of others to perform their duties in the Corporation, there may be corrective actions taken.

In Development

  • We are currently working on an official website.
  • We are currently working on defining the specifics of interaction between our Divisions, and how they will operate.


The founding principle of the Galactic Astrometric Nexus is identifying and classifying the unknown. We rely on the members of this Corporation to improve and upkeep the library of active fringe jump networks and to maintain a polished image toward clients.
Outside of basic exploration, duties we encourage our enlisted members to perform include Research and Rescue, Medical assistance, Refueling and Scouting/Patrol of allied trade routes. Our main source of income is providing these services for clients and allied organizations.

For our main members, we provide priority access to paid missions based on contracts taken from allied organizations.

While we are listed publicly as a ‘casual’ corporation, we definitely support ‘hardcore’ gamers and encourage players to take their gameplay seriously.

There is a hierarchical voting system with military ranks; Voting sessions will take place at the beginning of the month following the announcement of prospective legislation. When voting, different ranks will have different voting powers:

Admirals – 6 votes
Captains – 6 votes
Commanders – 5 votes
Lieutenants – 4 votes
Ensigns – 2 votes
Crewmen – 1 vote

If the member is an officer of any kind, they shall be assigned an additional 2 votes. (Not to be stacked)

Do I join as a Main member or an Affiliate?

Both main members and affiliates are given opportunities to earn UEC by completing contracts/missions provided by GANJ.

Main members are provided with full access to our public and private contract database and may apply to complete any contract they see.
Affiliate members above the rank of Lieutenant are given access to our public contract database.
Affiliate members below the rank of Lieutenant are not given access to our contract databases, and cannot apply to specific missions; but may still request contracts from a Captain or Admiral if interested in rank growth.


Fleet Admiral (1)

A single ‘Fleet Admiral’ will maintain the corporation by creating legislation to vote on, but cannot take place in voting sessions.
Fleet Admirals do not have a specified maximum amount of time in office, but may be replaced in their post if a 65% vote calls for such an action.

Admiral (5+)

Organize missions and dispatch Captains or Commanders. Funding for official missions is provided by the corporation.
Admirals take place in a veto session before other members can vote. (Able to veto proposals with a 75% vote)
Admirals may be voted on by all members with equal voting power [1 vote for each spot] every 3 months.
The number of Admirals is not to exceed 5% of the corporations population. (Not including the fleet admiral)
Requirements for being voted into an Admiral position are:
Being at or above the rank of Lieutenant;
Having less than 5 reprimands;
Having GANJ set to be your Primary Organization for at least one month.


Typically lead parties of ships on sensitive missions.
If a Captain wishes to take corporation members to complete an unofficial or private mission, a Captain must fund 50% of the expense.
Captains may promote or demote members based on certain guidelines.
A group of 7 Captains may submit legislation, which cannot be vetoed by Admirals, directly to the voting polls.


Typically accompany Captains on missions, may also be assigned a leader role on a mission if deemed sufficient.
Commanders may propose promotions/demotions, as well as submit formal mission proposals.


At the rank of Lieutenant, members are allotted a total of two votes on general polls.
Lieutenants are the first rank capable of selecting specific contracts, as well as the first rank capable of being promoted to Admiral via a vote.


At this rank, the member is responsible to closely follow orders made by superior officers while partaking in missions.
Insubordination will be penalized according to guidelines.


A standard member, has no special duties or abilities. Typically it is a crewman’s job to make themselves appear fit for more intense duty (promotion).

Official Missions/Contracts:

Admirals will negotiate, approve or deny contract requests submitted by organizations or individuals. These missions will be carried out by members of the corporation, however missions cannot be ordered, a member always has a choice to perform the mission or not. Whenever members from the corporation are hired for a mission they will always be paid, but must always adhere to protocol while on the mission.

Members with the rank of Lieutenant or above will be given access to all available contracts for GANJ.
Members below the rank of Lieutenant (Crewman or Ensign) will still be given opportunities to take part in missions whenever possible, however they will only be offered contracts (therefore cannot choose specific contracts and are not given access to the contract database).
This is done to prevent sensitive or private information from leaking, and to maintain the reputation of GANJ.

Restricted Contracts are contracts in which the details are kept confidential. Typically these contracts bring greater UEE rewards and higher likelihood of rank growth if completed successfully. Breaching the confidentiality agreement of a restricted contract is grounds for suspension or even permanent termination depending on severity.

Rank Progression:

(As Star Citizen’s gameplay isn’t in place for much of what this corporation stands for, currently our rank progressions will be based on other factors which might help determine a citizen’s proficiencies and functions.)
Currently there are several methods of increasing your likelihood of rank growth, including but not limited to: