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Roberts Space Industries ®

Galactic Haulers Guild / HAULERS

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Trading
  • Freelancing

You call.. We Haul

From the very instant a human leapt through the first jump point, supplies were in need of transport. Survival depended on safe, dependable transport of vital cargo for the first explorers and settlers.

For over 800 years, GHG has been there..


From Earth and beyond


March 12, 2121 – Global Hauling Guild©

The GHG started life as a family owned and operated local moving company est. 2121. Passed down from generation to generation, it slowly grew to become earth’s premier privately operated cargo Transport Company known then as The Global Hauling Guild. Specializing in large and dangerous haul’s, our reputation of dependability and on time deliveries placed the GHG above the competition on the world market.


March 12, 2275 – Galactic Hauling Guild©

As space lanes slowly opened to civilians, the GHG became one of the first space faring cargo Corporations. With the change of market focus, a name change was in order as well. So began the Galactic Haulers Guild. Our legacy stretches over 800 years and shows no signs of slowing.


It is our goal to make an enjoyable, stress free and most importantly FUN in-game experience


  • For casual players
  • Mature atmosphere with the occasional fart joke.
  • No amount of required play time.
  • We will share profitable routes with members.
  • Work together to make millions.


The Galactic Haulers Guild © is run by a very loose set of rules.

Use common sense when dealing with cargo. Although we are not UEE lap dogs, we here at the GHG do not support illegal activities. Certain activities will result in reprimands from the corporation1.

We do not involve ourselves with-
  • Slave trade
  • Illegal drugs
  • Known pirated goods

Act appropriate, our guild is known for it’s courteous service, and laid back demeanor. Although there may be instances where violence is required, do not instigate. We live by – If someone try’s to kill you, you try to kill them right back Certain activities will result in reprimands from the corporation1.

  • Harassing citizens (Trolling / griefing)
  • Lowering our reputation through actions unbecoming of our guild.
  • Pirating

Never leave a merchant or hauler stranded in open space. Even if they are not a member. Common sense plays a role in determining if a rescue is safe, If our security force is needed, do not hesitate to make the call.

Help your fellow GHG members! Teamwork is a requirement for membership. If a distress call goes out, respond as a team, as a family.

1 Punishment will be dealt with on a per event basis.