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Welcome, Brothers and Sisters.


“Alpha? Team Alpha? pfft. Spitters spit and there’s no shortage of those, yours truly included, but I will tell you what..I don’t know what they are feeding those guys, but I tain’t never seen a meatbag – human or otherwise – take those kinds of Gs and free-burn vectors like those spooks.
What? Yeah you can quote me, I tain’t afraid of all that weirdo crap”
- Casy Lewellen, 2910 (Chase News archives)

“You see here now, that’s just it. Everyone wants a place to go but not everyone can go to the same place. Provided for the appropriate access and the, necessities, of a comfortable experience, old bean, these are things not just anyone can have.”
- Humphry J. Monocle, 2771

“You are probably here by mistake”
- Unknown

“And with a motion I cannot describe properly with the words I know, Steve stood, sipped his martini, and moved time to a place where the sixteen of us felt the passage of space. To this day that we survived remains a mystery to us all, and we were forever bound and changed. We have been called many things, today they call us The Touched, I think, and after all these millennia .. we can still see it, each of us….

Through war and peace and savage across these ages you just want to.. reach out, you want to see, to make it stop. but we are helpless, we must see. we must bear witness, to what none of us knows and those who found evidence of such fell quickly, some to madness and others to places not even we can see.
How can we possibly see more, how can we live, how can we be more mad than what this place has done to us? So long ago we all lost hope for any answer to these questions. We live. We see. “
- Original Zarquan, 2699


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