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Welcome to Nexus

Nexus is a philosophical ideological organisation which try to create meaning to fight for in Star Citizen
We build and are the new human in meta-awareness and metamorphosis
We disband the ignorance which stand in our way for enlightenment
We are paradoxal without illogicl


Nexus Webside – Nexus Recruitment Thread – Nexus Discord – Nexus Steam Group

Nexus: Faith on Humanity - Fast Introduction (Out of role)

Nexus is ingame as example open for:

  • Strives to build a new colony in undevelop space to realise the following points
    (this requires colonisation and civilisation building in lawless territory)
  • Human genetic modification and limited in cyberenhancment
    (parliamentary democratic evaluation of costs and gains)
  • Strive to craft revolutionary philosophical and meta religious ideas – over religion
    (question of the needed human development in future to reach the hypothetical state in star citizen))
  • Affiliation for alien technologies and sociological systems


- 2638: (A Call for Sovereignty) As Terra’s referendum failed to pass the public supporting many questioning the actions of the UPE in a new way that wasn’t known until there. As the following events the people searched after a way to resist this government which left all human rights in independence through manipulation. As the term of doubt no longer exists we saw the needing to get ride of the actual government and get the circumstance of doubt in central of the government again.

- 2792: (The Tide Rises) After many years of resistance we get enough influence and evidences to give us the possibility to strike mostly united against the dictators and get an new direction.

- 2795: (A Kinder, Gentler Human) With the Fair Chance Act we got a new hope for changing.

- 2803: This hope last not long and gave us the undeniable fact that the sustained attacking of the Vanduul will come into a society which lead into the same direction as before with no safety of differentiation. In looking on the limited space we are in and the unlimited growing we see us for sure in one or two hundred years again in this situation.

- 2812: As a result of this our faith the Nexus: Faith on Humanity was created to give us the hope. The systems Nexus, Nyx, Elysium(Idris), Castra, Terra are the places we are naturally interested in. Nexus as a changing place with the name of our Faith, Nyx as an undertaking of people which are like minded, Elysium where everything began, Castra as position to Xi’An territory and Terra were we formed us the first time for resistance.

- 2872: (Behold Sisyphus) With the syntheworld project we got shortly hope but we early realised that their only exists an unlikely possibility for a finished syntheworld because of the mentioned situation in the society like the ongoing Vanduul attacks – just short sightings of the actual society. Here lays a core problem. The problem will not solved just through wanting or the illusion that something change. It is the insight that wanting is only a declaration of an goal and not a guarantee to success but this depends on the situation and acceptance to don’t have any solution for an current problems but for this problems exists solutions – they are not wanted.

- 2920: (The Money Pit) We see this fears proved in the medias and the complains about this project. As a result of this we understand it as a hopeless situation. For Nexus it is more important to search in e.g. Hades System after answers for this problem. We have there an unique example for such a problem we experience at now.


Nexus Webside – Nexus Recruitment Thread – Nexus Discord

The Dream of Humanity and Land claim mechanics

We don’t claim land for economic nature only and step in competition! We try to implement different sociological and psychological approaches with this space, short independence movement. For what do you have unclaimed space if you don’t use it like america did. Simple change: We are no christians or science believer, we are believer in ourself, truth, objectivity and reasoning in everything is our goal and by it to create space for the individual to express itself under the objectivity rules of survivability, possible a fault to give that only an observer is truth enough for the sense of life but equally respecting the terms of social and human survival.
However. Nexus tries to create the american dream only better, without childish illusions and the exclusion of the word nation like america and make it to the Dream of Humanity or Dream of Mankind. Star Citizen or equal created games are good toys to try a social simulation.

What is Nexus in ideological terms?

** Primary neutral philosophy world perspective connected with neutral religious core fused perspectives agnosticism as catalyst
** Achieving equality of human and “anti-pro” equality (equality through inequality)
** Materialistic and spiritual perspectives – evolution and self improvements as maxime (They aren’t defined as opposites here)
** Freedom through responsibility and restriction to reach freedom of the individual and with it for the society
** New way of life in opposite to spiritual or materialistic only
** Nexus is UEE critical it reserves itself the right to practice resistance to suppression and irresponsibile freedom
** Broadcast awareness, another name for it is self-awareness (The question of good or bad doesn’t exists here, only the belief of the method and its efficiency to reach development) Short: Everyone does it too, if he says he doesn’t just anti broadcast awareness not negation of it. I’m not lesser than everyone. You know what you need to do.

Short: The following step is for your read inertia: We are morally superior, simple! (read or let it – your where warned, then no complains of this sentences)
** Quantum philosophy (Through self restriction superior): “Moral superiority by simultaneously negation such a state to being moral superiority for the own person. Moral superiority gets here reached by negation of moral superiority similtaneoulsly striving and the will of archiving it which is a contradiction, the fact of being moral superiority gets to a fluctuating fact, it is true and false at the sametime, (Decoupling moral affectivity through human morals to affectivity through xeno morals (empathy) Person/ego to multi Ego, referring the self to something new the unknown/xeno). A decoupled human origin development state morals allows modality and modality allows freedom and moral after the individual basic moral cooperation template which is the basic motivation origin of expectation to environment after birth, the only static reference. The practising of this is like dynamic fact in a quantum state where all modularity (superposition) are at the same time but if you focus on it it get to one position after spin of perspective and limited to positions you have states a priori and states a posteriori. Shortly it is a superposition in your mind which needs to be able to show up as opposite position and movement too. The end result is True/false, anti true/false, and anti doubt/doubt. The attributes of a superposition allows a superiority through is potential to represent all states without the exact knowing of them but limited to them until all stats are known”

Source: Enlightenment
Source: Epistemology
Source: Agnosticism
Source: Epigenetic
Source: Sociology
Source: Economy
Source: Xenology
Source: Ecology
Source: Faith

What is this organisation/faith about, more detailed and sentences?

We haven’t any typical faith! Our faith are all faiths that confirm coexistence but this don’t mean we are pacifistic in nature. The primary faith catalyst is agnosticism in it all individual faith needs to accept their faith are a mode of hope to stabilize their self and create a stable human society. This faiths are sophisticated and connected to one faith, the Nexus = humanity perspektive is the thrid identity of two persons and their intentions, needs and belives – altruism subjugation of the individual to humanity – humanity equals generalistic chance of survival to the individual – acceptecne rate is relative to the favourableness fo the individual – feudalic or an equaling power ditrebution system is required to force development and peace.

Fast Religious example:
In christian religion terminology, if in every person lives God, the problem of distinguishing God from the self (idol worshiper) and accepting him part of every person, concludes God equals humanity or can be seen as indirect representation of it. As such the Islam criticism on idol worshipers or unbelievers set the terminology to suicidal persons not able to recognize himself – anti-humanistic, destruction of the humanity construct the collective identity. Main problem here is the coherence lined through all elements of the ideological manuscript to create a undeniable approche.

We aren’t secular in absolution but we see the secular state and rational perspektive the only one which can bypass the religious identity obstacles and create cooperation or create power and will to act by equally be abstinent manifestation of the own belief system equal in religions through sciences dominance. Goel will be to dissolve the feeling and structure of a religion until a degree it nearly concludes and expresses itself in science or ways reality is expressed in a late humaniry devopment state or understanding. There will be some theories left which won’t be able to be dissolved, they can only be pulled in a questional state – this will be the individual expression.

A Subgoal is the sublimity in front of the equal species. Every part that create especially the useless disorder in economical and sociological will replaced or developt to serve an illusions loose, empartical accomplished and worthy living for the individual and social needs. As a part of this it is important for us to explore and studying xeno technologies, “artefacts” and cultures!

To reach the goals our interessts begin on gathering resources and funds, trade, explore, research and ends by being able to strike our enemies back and show them the weakness of their reasons and motivations. Simple we want to get influence in our system and beyond. Financial aspects are a medium to spread in the known and own systems also it is a language/slavery that allows us to speak with stranger and get technological, sociological and psychological reflections for ourself which are needed to transform us.

In our series are many believers that seek after Enlightenment which requires generally knowledge, commiseration, understanding and wisdom of all aspect of life. We see this as a path of a social being that is interessted in it’s environment and itself as such it is one of our highest goals for many of us. Enlightenment is possibly never reachable through adjustment of new reached horizontal and their to defining relativity.

Nexus: Faith on Humanity to understand our declaration: It is important to understand that we are the humanity and aim to be something more as we are now. We are the only conclusion that make and allow through our actions and faith the Faith on Humanity, the Nexus!

We search after trustful groups and organisations which can cooperate on faiths, emotional and ideological level together and make it possible to spread our infrastructure around the verse and make it impossible for all not compassionate or aggressive individuals and organisations to harm us or our friends and allied forces.

The Nexus Faith

I haven’t a clear idea for the detailed faith at the moment. To get a basic shape I think the faith could have a core out of philosophical neutral elements connected to the different faith elements of all faith which would connected to psychological justice and mercy constructions into from primary elements of the most cases idividuals get to faith as an instance for leading and higher grade of justification, through something like God which basically is not touchable by human thoughts and gives a person extra “right” to perform/act over everything on earth or minmal at all.

** If we look to capitalistic orders we can clearly see that we experience a stagnation of philosophical elements in the same into religious ones, it get place in the youth population. We do not only see stagnation into it, we more likely see a complete dissolving of healthy morals in striving of the individual to generate deflation of values to stabilise morals to enter postmaterialism with its spike of absolute nihilism. If we want to define Kant’s enlightenment, whatever this means, we need to be connect into this actions of capitalistic and latent indirect advertisement rudimentarilation strives for definition and power desires of live by the individual psychological strives.

** This can not reached through the additional out call to more moral standards, only an, for give me for this, idiot would demand a definition out of self defined terms of inability, an ability to act in other ways – this is useless and incoherent to the own person and terminology. Surely can this unrecognition of inability be consciously but then it has other reasons, goals and are to “manipulate” – is for a psychological illusionary justification for specific person to act this way, doing it for a higher good. To get into the capitalistic strive: It is required to define everything in the definded void of Nietzsche, nihilism. One need to adapt into the personal catalyting of the self to place “morals”, the same and opposite (anti moral) into the individual. Means to define everything out of an egotistical perspective, the undeveloped strive to more of an unclear self and individual until the fact to enlightenment happened were the self needs get connected to others and not realisable without others, to justify its existence – cooperation is born. The capitalistic basement defines that masses and define the spectrum of possible actions or change ability of masses. Now we got to Theodor W. Adorno and its strives to change behavior with social engineering, reductet means this: We need to change a self sustaining construct, It can’t change out of itself. In other words: We are free but we are thrown into this freedom and need to get done with it. On an example of a child we clearly see that development is a case of youth and with it the ability to growing to get done with our freedom, being self defined as “adult” is stopping of development, self questioning and serving is the reality of the child. If you horizontal projection is done you can’t develop further.

** The Nietzsche’s requirement to acception of the void for enlightened subordination, the “denying/killing” of God as event horizon, enlightenment connected with Kant require an acting into this void and this means association like the uncleanliness of the right to act at all in the philosophy and defines it basic recessive nature of philosophy and the situation we have today. If we see this basic nature of philosophy we can understand that a mind can only to be directionless or paralysed, on an interpretation inability of function and reasons (The brain is here forced to work as body and vise versa), economic unconsciousness structure “strive”, follow in its logical imperatives to acquire this space, normal natural human behavior try to achieve control over this situation of an aimingless and disabled philosophy or lesser more intuitive religion which defines the Nietzsche’s overhuman as a strive to implement changing or development but don’t deny taste, rest or home, meaning of existence.

** If we follow the aimless and disabled philosophy and this occuring problem we need to achive the right of definition back for the philosophy. If we have a total inability to act or define out of logical and moral reasons we can achive it back with doubt. A concept of juristic decision finding but to use it for a direction we need to accept we don’t know and with this the right for every not denyable fact or imperative gets justified, every imperative get equal and the right to perform but only by not denying another and its performing. Another opinion, as long it is not provable wrong, needs to be developt – different layer of taste get here implemented – doesn’t need brutality.

** On an example of the evolution theory, means this that life can not be defined because of the inability to define an over value to other life. To define a prioritisation is it needed to see the requirements for the decisive possible future challenge. We can not see the requirments but we can see the requirment for a multiple approach of solutions. Means the success out of the evolution theory defince itself out of an wide variation/spectrum of solutions possibilities. In leaning of doubt the multiples of solutions is adequately prepared in case of incompetence and impossibility of future prediction of a challenge.

** For economic acting reasons finding it is easy. The reason for an economy is the satisficting of needs and substance of surviving of humanity. Under the terms of earlier means this ecological reasons are reasons of providing an economy of surviving. In the end we have the requirement to achieve understanding that egotistical strives are not different to altruistic ones. In a way that the question of connecting the both approaches aren’t as useless than that the subject of archetype thinking of one side only need to be followed without consciousness reflection to reach that both can achieve the same or its goal is only reach able through each other.

Back to the elementary structures of the faith. In this way the neutral philosophy core strucutre is individually connected to the specific religions elements to create an early connection to philosophy. This is made to create an individual psychological connection of every religion which require and representation in this segment, if an individual follow this connection beside of this it finds an neutral representation of its strives, needs and will in the philosophy. With this connection general equality could be seen/found in different religions through philosophy. The individual will adapt and integrate the other aspect or see them as one religion. The advantage of this should be clear.

Philosophy would stand than as universal language like music, general denominator or translator for psychological egotistical strive to find more expression of the self for enlightenment on a religion (e.g. Buddhistic) or understanding of their God with the person’s will to convince others.

Basically in every religion which contains the individual claim of supremacy like Christianity, Judaism and Islam can be played out against each other tools are others religious constructs like buddhism, hinduism and shintoism which inflict into christianity and the strive of buddhism in cooperation of a coherence selfrestrcition which justify partial claims. For exapmle the claims of islam which equally force in the fulfillment of subjugation below the right giving and indirect acceptance of change. The new state of fulfilled islam creates a state of not predicted space where the suitability no longer exists and it should through this fall together and this body should be able to integrate into other belief systems.

Inflation of values and development of decadence (development obstacles)

The focusing on games with the psychological conclutions of it and the actual world problems through AI, consumer affecting and clobalisation distrubes me in my interests. This changes the things in a way that mankind need the first time really think about itself intesively on a layer beside of offer, demand, need and desire. It is more like: Are you an animal with instincts or responsible for your doings and consciousness were you want to go, and the problems lays in the where do you want to go – AI-systems will let you be the animal without consequences. On an need and instricts answer a self is always will or thinks it/you knows where to go but this is an age question too. Selfunderstanding and (who you are) general understanding problems which as a whole never ends and constantly transform which deny a end state of security in world shapes and possibility required option. On which the actual social media indirectly hit in a strength that it could happen to get out of control – maybe it is already – the desire for to suppress global warming makes it to a religion, a problem created to suppress another one – a thing of: “You mean it well but you make it only worse through it.” Furtherly is the problem that moral low depth on the planet will lead to self enslavement through total control or prediction of behavior. It is to say: The new is unknown the paradigm change that can’t be seen under an old system, means idealism on the side of the better or more sophisticated human being isn’t possible or won’t lead to betterment only to enslavement and force. Jung people will always adapt first and then question, which include they won’t be able to withdraw in this time the technic and prediction won’t allow it to develop it, if needs and desire won’t overthought – nobody need to want it intentionally.

It is more a question how should look this new world and what do we want to be, live valuring and self valuring or free to be unfree (unintentionally too) and give up all self responsibility. This will not happen on an specific date it will happen slowly. (Analysing the actual existing desires and morals to develop them into this new world, is what I am most interested at the moment)

A simple thing: If you ask someone do you like it the fun way or the mixed one with pain and doubt which one will be taken – philosophie is quite the last one!? You know the answer! Psychological stress is relative seen to the subjects terms and average term of society which define the general stress level or subject associated stress level, others: which stress unit is binded with which specifc associated caused stress unite value/amount out of it – Persons terms of things: this is more importand and this lesser. This is important for all sociological conludes stress forms and exclude all biological ones, sure sociological affect biological and vise versa but with a simpler sociological construct biological stress is more importand or dominate for the general spectrum of causes stress in its relevance for the whole exchange between two poles. This means the stress level changes historical on the sociological allowed one that lead to the subjects orientation to this average one in which way the subject protests or feel a specific event allowed. This is logical if you look at the world in a way where nothing is defined and you can only use what is there, like a baby or child and its construction of world sense. It shows a general impossibility or logical issue but it can’t be seen in an one dimensional (binary) mind which passes through relevant frame by frame. Under a quantum theory means this, can be ignored: Do you know one aspect of something the other gets more unprecise in its stated – maybe the quantum theory is only a lower dimensional mind problem and disappear by a higher dimensional mind. The creation through Pi expressed like a star in its inner pressure and mass which pushes to collapsing. If we see the conditions for life as main indicator for development or sufistication means this there a only a few “star” sizes of interesting or likely for developing life. Psychologically implicate this that the allowed perspective through live reality and identity through sociological concepts restrict possible psychological and intellectual development. Under Nietzsche means that a person request negative and positive life experiences to fully get insight and react higher on the action spectrum – is equally transportable to a biological concept of evolution.


Nexus Webside – Nexus Recruitment Thread – Nexus Discord

Definition of Hardcore, Exclusive, Roleplaying, Social and Exploration

What does Hardcore means for me:
** to have faith and the will to act
** to learn or/and provide information for others
** to talk respectful and not great-insane or not self-overestimation about difficult themes
** to find empatice or the needing of order and future for all kind
of community members

What does Exclusive means for me:
** no place for everyone at the beginning (restriction of to much chaos)
** people with a strive of a “exotic” play catalyst
** open minded (what ever this will mean)
** affiliation with liking of the organisations concern

Hypothetical Reality Simulation Playing Assumption (HRSPA)-("RP")

** The Nexus don’t want to be just a group with some faith features and the content fall out of the sight of the whole communication. Nexus hold its members on to give the structure real meaning as long they are in game. They don’t need to perform some abstracts synthetic identities. They only need to respect the structure as a real structure is threatened to give a common feeling of an identity of the faith and make it catch able.

I try to implement friend based supporting squadrons and platoons which are primarily related to commitment and skill level but there can be expectations if it is desired on both sides.

** Hardcore is absolutely on high and very high skill, minimum commitment requirement is regular
** Regular is based to suiting the needs of friends that want to see each other and more the time together is important, with average medium skill level
** Casual is more a fitting thing if one is online one need to connect to groups which say it fits, this player will chosen by sympatie of the groups and related to this group on long term

Economy tasks of Nexus

Securtiy Services for Nexus and for other organisations
** Escorting of trader, minier, researcher, explorer and troop transporter on planetside, air and space
** Stational order providing and upholding on planetside, air and space

Valuation of economic and time related question for security services.
** Coordination of time setting and time windows for actions in cooperation of exploration and security services.

Exploration, Scouting and Reconnaissance to support and coordinate forces on planetside, air and space
** Exploration and Reconnaissance of places and space which are from interest of customers or the organisation
** Gathering of information from places for refinement, interpretation and definition of hazards
** Making of decisions based on potential hazards related to requiret forces and equipment

Definition of Social and Exploration
** integration of a wide variation organisational and social structures like, research, faith/religious, “knights/samurai”, databank and military in one organisation.
** to allow this the part of exploration and research is important in relation to real world and game world of Star Citizen.

Definition of Research
** Research Members are rear in this fleet but are always on board by promising missions of service or for Nexus.
** Goal is to get a near source of inerpretation and valuation of accidentally found objects of interest on missions.
** Investigate such found places to make it accessible and usable for the Security fleet.
** Works with Exploration and Engineering departments together for coordination.

Definition of Engineering
** Engineering departments works with all other departments together especially the Research departments
** Goal is to support and find solutions to make xeno technology accessible and usable for the Security fleet.
** Engineering departments additionally hold the fleet on top of the current technology and support the fleet by maintaining it..

The Social and Sociological elements are made to higher the motivation in the fictional world for strives or getting in contact, positively or negatively with others in the game. The game world represent a playground to test these things without real world relations. Furtherly this elements like knights or samurai and others are an approach to integrate different social backgrounds and ways of affection to a society, world perspectives of honor and right/law to work in one conjoint cooperative Nexus/Construct. All of this aims to develop cooperation and identifying of a max. variation of people in one world society – uniting of the world.

If you search for something more profession like then I can say it’s a security, research and exploration organisation. All of this is useless until you aren’t open to accept the things above under “Definition of social and exploration”.

Current supported tasks in Profession Roles expressed

** Securing
** Exploring
** Scouting
** Bounty Hunting

** Philosophical thinking
** Sociological thinking


** Citizens of Nexus are all treated on a human denominator with equality and respect by the leaders, and Citizens are expected to behave the same to each other. It is aimed that applicants be over the age of 18. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. Overall you will be judged on your person’s development and treatment of others in the community, not your age. If you have a direct problem with another member, please contact one of the Nexan in the Circle of Nexan with the specific role to help with the situation.

External Representation

** Nexus Citizens are expected to uphold the name of the Nexus throughout the universe. You are not to do anything to harm the reputation of Nexus, in-game or otherwise. Common decency is expected of all Citizens when engaging in both internal and external interactions.

Piracy and Suppressive Orders

** Nexus holding up the strive to equality and fairness for all beings that repeat us the term of coexistence. As such, any forms of piracy is forbidden for a Nexus Citizens. Any reports of piracy will be promptly investigated, and confirmed cases of piracy could result in expulsion and termination of a Nexus Citizenship, but asymmetric self defence against a subjective suppression order is allowed but hasn’t to be done under the flag of Nexus.

Future Goals

Short term
** To get active members into Arena Commander and Star Marine
** To intensivly cooperate with the allied organisations to reach point one for our member especially at the begining
** To promote and recruit new members.

Long term, in game
** To establish, if possible, a defendline with The Knight’s of the Temple against the Vanduul.
** Get a place or permanent outpost in system Nyx by the outsider and, if possible, help to terraform a planet.

All long terms are on probation an can change over time!

On the beginning of Nexus

** Nexus will be first an organisation without the legislative structure! In a small group it is easier to rule on a conversational level. The later legislative body is primarily built to support *interorganisational operations and will be then part of Nexus.

** Nexus will contain Security Services, Expoloration on planetside, air and space. Overtime with a possible growing player base the professions will be expandet and trayed to stay interorgnaisational, means that the complete security segment is used for our own member in exploration, research and trading tasks.

** Nexus aims to support a fast way to gather funds on an early game start for their member. The best way to get this, I think, is to have an exploration and security bases. The security part is able to secure Nexus intern exploration missions and the exploration segments can provide reconnaissance data to support security tasks.

** The security and its through it provided resources allows high variation with a less dependency to other professions of combinations Bounty Hunting in groups and the exploration can provide the needed intel for it.

** This loose connection and dynamic shape will allow all the time profit generation. When this base is created the mining and trading extension would aimed from me to expand the Nexus. Through the already existed departments should it be easy to get to support the new ones.

** An further step would be to create an engineering support for all primary segments like security, exploration and further ones which could higher the rentability for the engineering support. This should higher the funds that stay in the Nexus and could let it additionally growth.

Legislative Elements

The Legislative body is mainly created or thought to support a larger organisation size and a part to allows interaction with other organisations which want to cooperate more deeply with Nexus.

To archive this I thought that is needed to give this other organisation leaders, depending on their commitment, trust requirements and effort a related power. This means they will get a represant of the specifc department or enclave in the Circle of Nexan a position. The Circle of Nexan is the inner circle of power where all higher Nexus leaders will have a place. Together will they decide where Nexus will aims for. Depending on the amount of leader will there be power sharing. Periodats are placed in the Clastradeducta Councils and are connected Leaders of Nexus or other organisations they will elect a representant called Nexan into the Nexra Circle.

The task of a Nexan is to represent its department or enclave he is related to. This means he takes the role like mine too represent the will of its Clastradeducta Council and find a shared goals and directions the council of periodats aims for.

The periodants rank will be implemented only if Nexus growth until a specific size before it is ruled that all leader will be Nexan as rank.

The second element is the Council of Clastra which is elected out of all members Nexus has and limited to specific number. It can give proposals and set request of structural changes for problems they estimate or changing which could be advantageous. They will most like be higher rank member because of the insight and understanding they get out of their tasks, means 2/3 of the Concile will be higher ranks Clastra and Clastsegmen.

** Nexran Circle (Primary)
** Clastra Council (Primary)
** Clastradeducta Enclave Security (Secondary)
** Clastradeducta E. Science (Secondary)
** Clastradeducta E. Economy (Secondary)
** Clastradeducta E. Intelligence (Secondary)
** Populace

Primary and Secondary Nexus organisations

The primary Nexus, this one here, has additional a Nexra Circle all other secondary organisations only have a Nexan as Nexron postion in an elected Reciprocal Council. The Reciprocal Council is the highest grade in this organisations and work part independent in their expertise. This allows all member additional to get an higher grade of influence especially in the separate professions. The separated order process will be leaded with their Nexan (Nexron) in the Nexra Circle for further adjustments in a greater perspective. The primary Prime Reciprocal Council is then only to manifest decision for all member regardless their perspectives.

In the early development of Nexus this secondary elements will not be integrated and get place if the size of the councils would justify a own administration.


Nexan: Leaders of the organisation and trustful leaders of allied and dependent orgamisation leaders
Periodats: Leaders of allied and dependent orgamisations
Clastra: Internal organization administrator
Clastsegmen: Under internal organization administrator
Cloudemar: Member with essential tasks
Stringmata: Member with tasks
Disjointenar: Aspirant

Nexra Circle;
** are a privilege of part independent organisations leaders with identity connection to Nexus or allied organisation leader with intense connection to Nexus, they aim to define the primary direction of the organisation and are restricted to do it with the democratic elected Clastradeducta Council – Nexan Member.

Prime Reciprocal Council;
** can be an elected organisation members which strive to do this organizational elements for the organisation – All member with specific allocate shares.


Nexron: (Founder) Coordination of all roles
Weaver: (Officer) Command carrier and builder
Accommodationar: (Recruitment) Instructor and seeker
Catalysar: (Marketing) Behavior and apparition controller of the organization

Allied structures

- (The Knights Of The Temple)

As the name says, it is a “medieval” look like and associated organisation to provide a security and exploration services

- (The Horologion Library)

The Library is a Scholars based organisation which is based on research, archive and exploration

Supported structures

- (United Meta Social Services)

Police and medical social services