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Greetings Weary Travellers!

Welcome to Potent Potables Brewing!

The best name in the manufacture and trading of alcohol and exotic consumables.
The perfect place for the casual trader and creative transporter…….

Sit down and have a drink!
If you like our style,

Feel free to Apply!


A relatively new startup company, PPB is a small company with big dreams. Its founder and CEO, Gumby, started from humble beginnings on Borea in the Magnus system.

Historically, Thomas Iverson Foss, aka Gumby, did his time in service of the empire as he was trying to escape his agrarian roots as a farmer and homesteader. Much like many other teenagers from this remote system, Gumby wanted to be something more than just a struggling farmer trapped on some remote rock in space. The idea of toiling over unwanted crops, ending up a gang member, or slaving away in a low wage job in some crumbling factory building, made military service and citizenship an appealing option for many.

During his time in the service he met his good friend Isaac, from Noble in the Ellis system, and together they watched each other’s backs as they defended the empire and terrorized drinking establishments across the galaxy. Gumby’s own keen piloting and navigation skills paired well with Isaac’s combat and gunnery skills and they soon became a talented advanced scouting team, the Raven Squad, with the UEE navy. Whether they were flying separate ships or co-piloting the same craft, they earned a reputation for being able to get in and out of some tight places, but each mission usually ended up in the same place, the local bar where they always enjoyed the best of the best each locale had to offer.

Having survived military service and earning their citizenship, the friends went their own separate ways as Isaac started down the path of the bounty hunter and Gumby pursued a career in exploration and trade.

Gumby started out as a merchant, using his savings from the military and borrowing enough credits to purchase his own Freelancer, he started down the path of an independent businessman. He started by living out of his ship, ferrying whatever goods he could acquire (often times of his own creation) and doing odd jobs in different systems while making connections and learning the trade.


We are fanatical about improving the verse.
We strive to change minds, touch hearts and move the soul
We intend to create and support a functional business in the verse.
Unsurpassed quality is our non-compromising obligation.
We are curious, vigilant, expert and adventurous.
Our talent is both art and a science combined.
It is business and culture in fusion.
Our clients are the key to our success.
However, we don’t take any B.S. … in the office or AROUND THE VERSE!
We live open, honestly, and without fear.
Come and taste the essence of our spirits!


Our organization is about enjoyment of the game and the satisfaction of its members. To that end our rules are simple.
  1. - Treat others the same way you would expect to be treated.
  2. - Bullies, drama queens and trolls will not be tolerated.
    ( Multiple offenses will lead to expulsion from the org )
  3. - If you have an issue with a member that’s gotten to a point where it’s causing strife in your game experience, talk to an officer.
  4. - Above all else, have fun!