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Polaris Squadron / PWING

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A regional organization for Citizens living in Minnesota and the surrounding area.


As seen on Wingman’s Hangar, Episode 65 at the 14:39 mark.

Stay connected with the Meet-Up thread for upcoming events

On SEPTEMBER 20th we’re going to meet-up at the YARD HOUSE in ST LOUIS PARK. Check out the meet-up thread linked about and come join us!




We are “Polaris Squadron”. This is an organization of citizens who chose to weather the cold of the upper-Midwest.

We are a collection of local upper-Midwest citizens with varying backgrounds and a love of the future Star Citizen universe. The squadron is casual with the purpose of supporting many play styles. The group is small but committed to the coming universe. With a long and glorious cold winter in the northlands, the organization will make great strides especially while snow-locked in their homes/ships.

As a casual, supportive squad, our ideas of success focus around love of the game, support of other members, getting to know each other, and enjoying the game. There are a good number of folks with capable starting fleets, so we may be small but we can do big things together.

Our organization is structured around roles, like any other. Those with the time and desire can take on the work they are best at and/or have time to offer. The group hails from a variety of backgrounds and we will likely have a plethora (I’d say we have a plethora) of talent, for supporting the organization structure and needs.

As upper-Midwesterners, we are a bit removed from the gaming support of areas large enough for PAX conventions and the like. A solid local group for support of our love of the upcoming universe ( and ship addictions – for some of us :) ), will help keep the organization a group/social endeavor as well as one of virtual success.

The scope of the organizations activities is as varied as the members. Many are looking forward to exploration, trading, and finding work wherever it can be found. The small nature of our organization should lead to a strong support network for activities in the verse as well. Need a retaliator escort; we got that.

Polaris has the normal roles, but we are more like a group of equals working together to define ourselves. Rank here is more of a description of what you are or can do to help, than what you are expected to do.

As of the time of this writing, the topic of finances has never come up. If we do pick a direction that involves organization financial support, it will be a group decision and will likely be for a specific need; like an organization hangar or the like.