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Skunk Works / SKWK

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Welcome to Skunk Works – the “Grey Area” Fighting force of Stanton


Applications to Skunk Works are currently CLOSED

Skunk Works began as a detachment of the AXI, a highly specialized AX Squadron in Elite Dangerous. After becoming an independent entity in Elite Dangerous catering to the best of the best AX pilots. We changed focus to Star Citizen in 2021 and quickly grew in member-base and scope.

Skunk Works have come to take a stand against the oppressive corporations Hurston Dynamics and ArcCorp, while supporting Crusader Security in taking down criminals. Ever building our strength and diversity with Combat/Logistics Branches to serve all disciplines


Applications to Skunk Works are currently CLOSED


Welcome to Katie Byrne’s Skunk Works. Just by being in our community, introducing yourself and participating in the community chats you are an ‘affiliate’ of the Skunks. If you like it here and wish to become a Skunk there are many adventures, positions and career paths are available in the Skunk Works organization.

To be a Skunk

There is no simple way to define what it is to be an official ‘Skunk’ in Katie Byrne’s Skunk Works. Skunks are mischievous, deadly, and selflessly selfish, meaning Skunks 1st. We get along with most, and grief the greifers. We are Han Solo, Gyn Erso, Lando Calrissian and Cara Dune. Typically more at home in Levski, visiting Grimm Hex or Orison are different flavors of enjoyable ice cream. They don’t necessarily go together but we enjoy both, just as We enjoy both Miles Eckhart and Twitch Pacheco’s missions.

Let’s go

Whether you are here for casual play or an active skunk ‘career’, the path of every
skunk begins at The Skunk Works Academy.

You may also remain a simple Skunk Affiliate (SA). This status is mostly intended
for players who do not see themselves playing often or participating in much,
but enjoy the community here just as much as the rest of us.

Starting at the academy

When you start at the academy you will be placed into an appropriate Basic course
according to your Star Citizen and general gaming experience level. As you complete
your basic courses you have the opportunity to decide if you see yourself as more
of a casual player, a citizen skunk so to speak, or are looking to really get into
a full command environment.

The paths of the Skunks

There are many Skunks in this community who are satisfied with a simple structure, love
to team up, get the ships out, and run around on crazy adventures. The Skunks main
community server offers all this, with a simple rank structure that denotes players
‘Skunk experience’ level and dedication to the community.

For those seeking a bit more, the rigid:

Fighter pilots!

Or perhaps you want to be dedicated to active player in a command structured evironment.
There are several options with more in the making as game development progresses. If you
You are a fighter pilot at heart and appreciate the effectiveness of squadrons, tactics
and intense training, Skunk Works Fighter Command is the branch for you!

Big Ships!

A large multi player ship is only as effective as it’s crew. Following orders, and knowing
your role is crucial. If being in a single position as part of a big machine is what you want,
than Fleet Command will put you through the paces.

This is just the early days of Skunk Works in Star Citizen. We are structuring and expanding quickly.
There is much more to come, with expanding training and classes as well as new branches in the
not too distant future. Everyone makes a difference here, big or small. Thank you.


Applications to Skunk Works are currently CLOSED

Skunk Works is Structured into self-contained Taskforces made up of members trained in the following disciplines:

Raven Crew

A crew member or captain of a multicrew ship within a taskforce. Raven crew enjoy a great teamwork experience but also agrees to certain responsibilities such as attendance and a degree of training

Fighter Squadron

Fighter screen and close support for the Taskforce – utilizing small one or two person fighter/bomber craft – Organized into squadrons as part of the Taskforces.

Rebel Racoons

E.V.A and Ground Operation troops of Skunk Works. Providing the dismounted support to each Taskforce