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Skunk Works / SKWK

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Welcome to the Skunk Works org


Skunk Works recruitment is currently ACTIVE

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Skunk Works began as a detachment of the AXI (Anti-Xeno Initiative) , a highly specialized AX Squadron in Elite Dangerous. After becoming an independent squadron in our own right in Elite Dangerous. We quickly graduated from a community hosting AX Wing events to one of the best of the best squadrons of AX pilots. Fighting in the War of the Coalsack and the 2nd Battle of the Witch Head as well as the Three Nebula War. Each time securing victory alongside the human foces. During the disaterous release of the Odyssey Expansion we began seeking out new games to call home, and Star Citizen was what we found


We changed focus to Star Citizen in 2021 and quickly grew in member-base and scope.

Our initial Structure was composed of distinct ‘combat branches’ – vast battlegroups of ships, ground and fighter branches alongside them. This structure, while seemingly making sense on paper, was just not something the current Alpha can make use of organically. There were some great times during the First Fleet, but getting combined arms efforts together was an uphill battle.


During Jumptown, our recon element ‘the Rebel Racoons’ had experimented with the idea of self contained Taskforces comprised of Ships, Fighters and Ground Troops and limited to a server appropriate size. This worked extremely well at Jumptown and as a result of this the system was rolled out to the entire ORG.


Skunk Works have come to take a stand against the oppressive corporations Hurston Dynamics and ArcCorp, while supporting Crusader Security in taking down criminals. Building our community and diversity through every challenge that we meet


Skunk Works recruitment is currently ACTIVE

Click here to join us on Discord…

Welcome to Skunk Works. Just by being in our community, introducing yourself and participating in the community chats you are an ‘affiliate’ of the Skunks. If you like it here and wish to become a Skunk there are many adventures, positions and career paths are available in the Skunk Works organization.

ORG Mission Statement

  • Grow a community worth joining
  • Train skills worth learning
  • Build a den worth defending

A Skunk is out for the den, but understands the value of cooperation and diplomacy, and is bound by their word.

A Skunk is adaptable. Failure, setbacks, adversity, and a changing environment are the crucible for their tenacity.

A Skunk understands that the law provides stability but rarely justice, and will work above or below it when that stability comes at the innocents’ expense.

A skunk is willing to help, but understands that “you should fix your own oxygen mask before assisting others.” Personal preparedness is a skunk’s way of life so that supporting the pack can be their way of life too.


Skunk Works recruitment is currently ACTIVE

Click here to join us on Discord…

Skunk Works is Structured into various sub-Groups that each offer their own gameplay styles and cater to different tastes:


Skunk Works Taskforces

Skunk Works Taskforces are focused on organized combat and team building with the aim of improving readiness of all Skunks and building strong teams that can enjoy the game together – having an experienced team with you will give you the back up you need in game to take on the challenges of the verse

Core Roles

Raven Crew

A crew member or captain of a multicrew ship. Raven crew enjoy a great teamwork experience but also agrees to certain responsibilities such as attendance and a degree of training

Raptor Pilot

Fighter screen and close support – utilizing small one or two person fighter/bomber craft – Organized into squadrons.


E.V.A and Ground Operation troops of Skunk Works. Providing dismounted or ground vehicle support


Logistics Corps – Jackals

The Logistics Corps of Skunk Works arranges salvage, mining, trading and transport for the ORG

Medical Corps

The Medical Corps are responsible for training Skunks in the medical system of star Citizen and responding to medical support requests within the org