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Star Empire / STAREMPIRE

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The Empire is Yours

Claim your Citizenship and join the fight for power in the lawless frontiers with the only independent player nation strong enough to support and protect YOU, powered by the most sophisticated artificial intelligence – SERENITY.



We go in search of land and territory in the vastness of space – you may call us armed colonists, militia, renegades, or outlaws.

We willingly leave the confines of the UEE to venture into the lawless universe that we shall make our own.

Publicly founded in 2951, the founders of Star Empire worked in secrecy for years developing a new combat Artificial Intelligence, codename “Serenity”, an AI illegal in the UEE ever since the Artemis expedition was lost and blamed on “Janus”, its onboard AI. Indeed, some rumors persist that Janus and Serenity are one in the same.

As an independent nation in nullsec space, outside the confines of the declining UEE sphere, Star Empire must be strong enough to help stand up to any threat, whether that be attacks on its own civilians by other organizations, the forces of the Vanduul, or incursions from UEE itself into claimed territory.
Serenity AI provides the advanced intelligence suite that will allow Empire sailors and marines to dominate and control land by managing battlefield conditions at all times without need for rest. Members of Star Empire must be ready for a harsh and unforgiving galaxy, where strength is the only true law.

Through combined AI and human ingenuity we strive to conquer the vast expanse of space. Whether it be through trade, exploration, diplomacy or force we will carve out our corner of the galaxy to call home.


Who are we looking for
Star Empire is a home for all and while we are looking for all playstyles combat is encouraged. Aggression is key to our survival in lawless space. We will fight to defend our assets and seize resources by force if necessary.

Our home
We plan on taking our own land whether it be a claim, station, moon, planet, or system we will forge a path through space with blood, sweat, and our enemies tears. We will defend it at all costs.

Powered by AI
By using Serenity AI we have built a bespoke organization artificial intelligence, including a unique mission dispatch system that coordinates players based on role and location so you can get support wherever, whenever you need it.

Founded 29 July 2952 and chartered with the sacred responsibility of training the Armed Forces and Mercantile Fleets of the Star Empire for success in all theaters of operations via live training and certification in multiple Schools of Practice.

The ‘verse is a hostile and dangerous place, challenging all who dare traverse the inky black in search of home. As an independent nation, Star Empire needs the best of the best to crew naval armadas, battlegroups, and merchant fleets that will spread our law throughout the lawless void in the name of the Empire.

The academy will provide Star Empire members the courses, certifications, and skills needed to compete and win as a team in this environment delivered by expert instructors in their field of practice and fully integrated with Serenity AI.

Requirements to join Star Empire
Download and login to Discord when you play
Have a thick skin, we are not a “moderated” space
Don’t take anything said seriously or get offended by words
Understand how teamwork works

We want to talk with you if this list resembles your gaming style, whether or not you have experience. We are not interested in micro-managing worthless, mindless zombies, but instead empowering high-quality players in a group setting by utilizing a variety of skill sets and tools in a regular and consistent manner.


Customs of the Empire

When you become a citizen within the Empire, Star Empire has a set of customs and rules that you are expected to follow to the letter and without question. These customs are a simple guide enabling you to live the principles of being a citizen of the Empire.

Becoming a Citizen of Star Empire is a privilege. All of our members, from the lowliest Citizen to Empire officers are given this privilege, and it may be removed at any time at the discretion of Empire command.
Disciplinary actions are on a three strike system, as follows:
Verbal Warning
Status Warning (mute/demotion)
Kick/Removal from Org

During operations, Leaders are expected to maintain and direct the citizens of the Empire at all times.
When participating in operations, Citizens of the Empire must be in the proper voice communication channels (Discord.)
During operations, participating Citizens must be in direct compliance with the Platoon and Squad leaders orders, regardless of rank.
“Clear Chat/Comms” means cease all voice communication immediately
No citizen is required to participate in any operation, all operations are voluntary.

Star Empire operate in an adult environment where teamwork and objective oriented play style takes priority
You must be 18+ to apply to Star Empire
You are expected to behave like an adult in a group oriented structure, which entails the following items:
Do not talk over others in Discord
Commander/Ops Leaders have speaking priority ALWAYS
Stick with the group, follow directions given by Empire Command