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Star Vixen / STARVIXEN

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NOTICE: As leader of this group, I lost interest in the game after the many years of development. I play every IAE, then move away from the game for the rest of the year. I will accept requests to join, but I don’t pay attention outside of the IAE event. I will look into someone else taking over leadership.

Star Vixen was founded in August of 2013 as the first ever group for the girl gamers of Star Citizen! We began as a humble Steam group, and we’ve been constantly evolving in tandem with the growth of the BDSSE! Our group is meant to be a place of respite, away from the teeming masses of testosterone-fueled fervor. We do have members of both genders, and we don’t discriminate against anyone joining. We simply ask that you honor the fact that this has always been a group intended for the female populace, and you should always be respectful and friendly towards all members! No dramallama here, just friendly fun!

We’ve never really intended to be anything but a social group, but, with the addition of multi-org membership, we decided to launch with the goal of just being an affiliate organization. Our events will be available for members regardless of your choice of main org!


Chris Roberts, the mind behind classics such as Wing Commander and Freelancer, asked his fans to support his efforts to create his dream of the game we all want to play, and we answered! Star Citizen, the space MMO some have waited their whole lives to play, is completely crowd-funded and free of the oppressive hand of major game publishers. We have given Chris carte blanche ability to make the game as amazing as he wants!

We are helping pave the way for future game developers to look past those huge corporations and find the support they need without losing creative freedom. Hopefully, the world takes notice as we help Chris break boundaries for other indie projects.

Star Citizen is breaking the norms for game production by including the fans along every step of development. Our opinions are heard and incorporated in the creation process. We get to interact with the dev team, see weekly updates, and even add mods to be included in the game!

This promises to be a fantabulous game! ヽ( ゚ヮ・)ノ


Girl Gamers of Star Citizen!

Whatever your role may be:

• privateer/freelancer
• pirate
• military
• mercenary
• trader

… you get the idea… this is your group! Here you can socialize, trade, or otherwise coordinate gameplay for Star Citizen.