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Accipiens ad Astra – Take to the Stars


The Systems United Navy (SUN) was officially founded on 20 October 2012, during the original pledge campaign. From the very beginning our organization has contemplated and developed our unique structure, as defined in our Operations Manual. This document is further supported by supplemental materials on specific gameplay styles, community conduct, communications, and other specific topics of interest to our members.

We’ve also made fforts to field test our stuctures and systems in-game. Initially we used similar military sims, from our first Battlestar Galactica: Diaspora tournament in 2013 to our current trials in PlanetSide 2, ARMA 3, and ARK. We have also been active in Arena Commander and the Star Citizen PTU, with both individual and Org-level success in Squadron Battles and other game modes.

SUN has also been active in the Star Citizen community. In particular, our Consolidated Operations Codex was featured on Ten for the Chairman. “It’s kind of like a work of art,” says Chris Roberts, to the delight of the many Servicemen who contributed to this flagship project.

We also participate in charitable efforts in the real world. In 2014, our organization rose over $1,500 being raised to benefit Child’s Play. RADM-Ret. Lance participated in a PAX Panel titled “Veterans in Gaming: Effective Philanthropy from Individuals to Industry”. He was joined by representatives from Black Widow Company, Play to Give Back, Inc. and Operation Supply Drop.

Finally, SUN is a founding member of Powers Against Common Threats (PACT), having ratified this initiative on 01 March 2013. We continue to support this effort, and FADM Ephraim Tannhauser currently serves as PACT Administrator.


The Systems United Navy, or SUN, is a multisystem private security corporation operating throughout the United Earth Empire and its periphery. We accept contractual fulfillment of a variety of needs, including armed escort, high-value shipping, search-and-destroy, capture of assets, system blockading and blockade running. SUN can provide functional groups from Squadron-level to capital ships, tailored for your specific requirements.

Though SUN operations will focus on military objectives, opportunities exist for persons of all creeds. We require logistic and trading personnel to keep our Fleet operational, and explorers will find a home charting new systems and locating new bases for our operations. Regular rotation will ensure that members are being exposed to all facets of the organization. SUN also operates its own internal flight school and training academy, dedicated to providing our Servicemen with a top of the line training.

The Systems United Navy is united by a strong fundamental philosophy. SUN will be operating strictly within UEE law and seek to be a symbol of order in an otherwise-chaotic universe. To that end, it was felt that Founding Membership in Powers Against Common Threats (PACT) was a natural extension of these goals and SUN will be working tirelessly to support this Treaty Organization to the best of its ability.

Please review our Operations Manual for more information.


Code of Conduct:

  1. The Systems United Navy hereby affirms the sovereignty of the United Empire of Earth. SUN dedicates itself to the preservation of UEE rule of law within UEE territory and periphery from all threats, be they foreign or domestic.
  2. The Systems United Navy hereby affirms the fundamental right of all sentient beings to self-defence in the face of aggression. SUN dedicates itself to the protection of all innocent beings from the threat of illegal restraint or assault.
  3. The Systems United Navy hereby affirms the fundamental right of all sentient beings to self-regulation. SUN dedicates itself to the opposition of any and all forms of non-consensual transport and trading of sentient beings.
  4. The Systems United Navy hereby affirms the right to free trade throughout the United Empire of Earth. SUN dedicates itself to the opposition of those who would hinder legal trade through the use of force or intimidation.

Systems United Navy Policies:

  • ‘No Two Banners’ policy.
    Members of the Systems United Navy are prohibited from joining other player organisations.
  • ‘Alternate Interests’ policy.
    Members of the Systems United Navy are prohibited from maintaining alternate characters with conflicting interests to the goals of the Navy.
  • ‘Landmine’ policy.
    Acts of espionage committed on the Systems United Navy by outside forces will be seen as acts of war against the organisation as a whole.
  • ‘Adverse Alliance’ policy.
    The Systems United Navy as a whole does not recognise any parties as being formal, defensive or full allies.
  • ‘Common Grounds’ policy.
    The Systems United Navy will not claim stretches of territory as their own, or impose limits on the usage of resources exploited by others. It does, however, reserve the right to declare eminent domain upon stations and bases that are unlawfully held or currently unoccupied.
  • ‘Dead Weight’ policy.
    The Systems United Navy will remove enlistees found to be absent for extended periods of time from the roster without prejudice. All members wishing to remain enlisted are required to check in at random attendance checks, with a month-long grace period. Failure to attend will result in suspension of membership. Reactivation is possible, but any held assignments will be forfeited upon suspension, and re-enlistment is required. Special exemption is given for Servicemen on prolonged leave.
  • ‘Flying Standards’ policy.
    No Serviceman of the Fleet shall redact his allegiance to SUN or maintain hidden or redacted affiliates without express permission. This includes approved exceptions on the No Two Banner policy.
  • ‘Unsupported Service’ policy.
    Reception and retention of Serviceman status requires the possession of a Star Citizen pledge package.
  • ‘Saviour’ policy.
    All Servicemen whom encounter escape pods or mortally crippled craft with incumbents that requires evacuation, transportation or urgent medical attention, are expected to provide this if at all possible. If warranted, this includes the capture of stranded criminals, as well as the release of illegally held or enslaved captives.
  • ‘Better Samaritan’ policy.
    Servicemen encountering contracted or PACT forces in a situation where immediate assistance can prevent their demise, as determined by the ranking SUN officer at the scene, are expected to provide any assistance they can safely grant, provided this does not incur extravagant damages, or endangers the fleet’s reputation or collective assets.
  • ‘Hostile Dismissal’ policy.
    Any former Servicemen that uses their dismissal or resignation to create or enhance a negative atmosphere within the community will be subject to a permanent ban. The General Staff reserves the right to make judgement

Please review our Operations Manual for more information.