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Powers Against Common Threats (PACT) / PACTINIT

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Powers Against Common Threats (PACT) is an inter-organizational alliance developed to provide security against piracy, hostile aliens and any other force that might overwhelm a solitary member.


Powers Against Common Threats (PACT) was founded when Blue Horizon, Black Widow Company, Imperium and the Systems United Navy ratified the PACT Treaty on 01 March 2013. A total of nineteen Orgs have become PACT Signatories, pledging to uphold the letter and spirit of the PACT Agreement and considered fully-invested members in the PACT Initiative.

The following are the current PACT Signatories:

The following Signatories are currently on inactive status:

  • Quasar, accepted 21 February 2014, inactivated 25 January 2020
  • Intergalactic Trading Empire, accepted 3 July 2015, inactivated 22 October 2016

The following are former members of the PACT Initiative:

  • Black Widow Company, ratified 01 March 2013, withdrew 19 September 2013
  • The Blue Horizon Trading Company, ratified 01 March 2013, ceased operations 15 December 2013
  • Ballistic Logistics, accepted 11 June 2013, withdrew 05 November 2014
  • Tiberium Corporation, accepted 23 November 2013, expelled 11 October 2015
  • The Horsemen, accepted 14 January 2014, expelled 21 August 2015.
  • Broadside, accepted 28 March 2014, expelled 28 November 2015

The PACT Administrator is elected from the assembled PACT Representatives. His or her responsibility is to be the steward of both PACT’s communications infrastructure and its history. Past and present PACT Administrators include:

  • Capt. Bruce, formerly of the Blue Horizon Trading Company, 01 March 2013 – 19 October 2013
  • Ephraim Tannhauser of the Systems United Navy, 19 October 2013 – present


PACT was created when four of the (then) largest Orgs in the Star Citizen community came together in recognition of common values and in token of mutual friendship. Today PACT encompasses a group of organizations of many different shapes and sizes, united by a pledge to support each other in the darkest hours. All organizations who meet the entry requirements are welcome to apply for membership.

Our commitment to maintain an equality of membership insures that the status of the Founding Members are no different than any other Signatory as set out in PACT Initiative Agreement. All member organizations are afforded the same rights and privileges, regardless of membership date or available resources.

The current PACT Administrator is Ephraim Tannhauser, Representative of the Systems United Navy. Inquiries regarding PACT can be addressed to:


The PACT Initiative Agreement is freely available and kept up-to-date with all recent decisions of the PACT Summit Council.