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The Enclave / THEENCLAVE

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The Arm of Decision in Battle



The Enclave, a long-standing and unapologetically politically incorrect PvP community, has been a formidable presence since its inception in 1998, guided by the unwavering leadership of our founder since day one. Our passion for stacking bodies while challenging conventional norms has made us a force to be reckoned with.

Throughout our illustrious history, we’ve left our indelible mark on various gaming landscapes, conquering titles such as Dark Age of Camelot, PlanetSide, World of Warcraft, and New World. The Enclave’s legacy is one of both admiration and animosity, as we’ve consistently made waves within the communities we’ve joined, earning a reputation that can’t be ignored.


Esprit de Corps

We hold “Esprit de Corps” in the highest regard. This concept embodies our collective spirit, unity, and unwavering camaraderie within the organization.


Our commitment to excellence at The Enclave is unwavering. We believe in pushing ourselves to the limits and pursuing victory at any cost. Each member is expected to give their utmost effort, and we value dedication above all else. Whether your best falls short of another’s, as long as you’re committed and giving it your all, you have a place among us.


Our intentions are crystal clear and unapologetic. We aspire to establish ourselves as an outlaw organization within the expansive reaches of the Star Citizen universe. We will not hesitate to engage in criminal activities, including indiscriminate murder of other players.


Our ultimate aim is to become the most formidable and renowned outlaw organization. We seek to construct a sprawling empire that commands recognition and instills fear in the hearts of our adversaries. Our goal is to earn both respect and notoriety, making our name synonymous with power and influence.


We are a no-nonsense, drama-free organization that places a premium on perfection. Our principles are rooted in efficiency and excellence, driving us to excel in all our endeavors. We approach our objectives with relentless determination, leaving no room for distractions or disputes.


We consider everyone outside of our organization as potential targets. In our world, it’s a stark dichotomy: if you’re not with us, you’re against us. Friendships formed today may evolve into enmity tomorrow. Our vigilance ensures we remain prepared for any possible outcome.


Our motives are fueled by the pursuit of success, wealth, and camaraderie. We firmly believe that every life encounter has winners and losers, and our unwavering aim is to consistently be on the winning side. Success ignites our thirst for power, and wealth fortifies our dominance, while camaraderie unites us into an indomitable force.


Article I: Name and Purpose

This organization, known as “The Enclave,” hereafter referred to as “the Organization,” is dedicated to cultivating a community of individuals within the Star Citizen universe who share a passion for piracy and outlaw activities. Our primary aim is to create an environment where members can wholeheartedly pursue their interest in PvP activities, with a specific focus on piracy, while simultaneously fostering personal development and skill enhancement.

Please note that while we highly value immersion and dedication to our shared interests, we do not function as a role-play or mil-sim community. Our top priority is to provide a focused and enjoyable gaming experience.

Article II: Membership

Membership in the Organization is open to individuals who meet the following criteria:

a) Demonstrates a strong interest in piracy and outlaw activities in Star Citizen.
b) Is comfortable with politically incorrect humor and discussions.
c) Is 18 years of age or older.
d) Commits to respecting fellow members and upholding a positive gaming environment.
e) Agrees to abide by the rules and regulations outlined in this charter.
f) Sets their status as ‘Redacted’ upon application.

Prospective members must apply through the designated channels, and the Organization will review these applications for approval.

Article III: Code of Conduct

Members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that aligns with the Organization’s principles, which include respect, growth, and improvement. While members are encouraged to engage in politically incorrect humor and discussions, it is crucial to ensure that this does not lead to harassment, discrimination, or personal attacks. Mutual respect is paramount, and members should handle criticism and differing opinions maturely and with an open mind.

Activities such as harassment, trolling, cheating, hacking, or any behavior that violates the Terms of Service of Star Citizen are strictly prohibited and may result in immediate membership termination. Members are accountable for their actions and are encouraged to enhance their gameplay experience by improving their skills, strategies, and teamwork.

Article IV: Events and Activities

The Organization acknowledges that all events and activities are entirely optional, with no mandatory requirements for time or participation. Members are not obliged to participate in any specific activities. Our primary focus during events will be piracy-related activities, such as raiding, looting, and engaging in outlaw behavior within the game.

While we do not actively promote members playing with other organizations, we respect our members’ individual choices. Therefore, members are allowed to engage with other organizations if they wish. However, we kindly request that if members decide to play with another organization, they do so with respect towards our Organization and refrain from initiating conflicts or hostile engagements.

Regular communication channels will be established to coordinate events, share tactics, and foster camaraderie among members. Additionally, the Organization may organize optional social events and non-PvP activities to promote community building and interaction among members, creating an environment conducive to personal growth and improvement.

Article V: Leadership and Structure

The Organization is led by a single individual who holds absolute authority. This leader is responsible for managing day-to-day operations, organizing events, and resolving disputes within the Organization. Members are expected to follow the leader’s instructions and directives while upholding the principles and goals of the Organization.

Article VI: Amendments

This charter may be amended or modified with the approval of the leader. Members will be notified of any proposed amendments, and their feedback and suggestions will be considered. Amendments will only be implemented if they receive the leader’s approval.

Article VII: Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the Organization, any remaining assets will be distributed at the leader’s discretion. By joining The Enclave, members acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the provisions outlined in this charter.