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The Enclave / THEENCLAVE

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The Arm of Decision in Battle



Who are we?

The Enclave is a long-standing, organized, and politically incorrect PvP community. If you want to stack bodies while also melting snowflakes this is the place to be.

What have we done?

Our community has been in existence since 1998. Since then we have played and succeeded in a multitude of games. From Darkage of Camelot, PlanetSide, World of Warcraft, and New World The Enclave has left its mark and is either loved or hated by the communities we’ve been a part of.



In the expansive and unpredictable Star Citizen universe, we are The Enclave. We are a group of dedicated players, united in our focus on PvP combat, strategic thinking, and the pursuit of a challenging and engaging gaming experience. We are not role-players, but driven PvPers, thriving on direct action and competition.

Unity and Teamwork

The Enclave is built on a foundation of unity and teamwork. We foster strong bonds among our members, valuing each contribution and promoting a sense of loyalty. Our strength lies in our unity, as we work together to navigate the challenges and rewards that Star Citizen offers.

Strategic Pursuit and Pirate Life

We are driven by a strategic pursuit of power, wealth, and influence. As pirates, we value freedom and strategy, focusing on opportunities that benefit our organization. We are skilled in the art of piracy, strategically targeting traders, mining vessels, and other players. Our goal is to grow stronger with each successful engagement.

PvP Focus

Our specialty lies in Player vs Player combat. We are dedicated to improving our skills and strategies, fostering a competitive environment for our members. We believe in skill development and constant improvement as we face other players in the expansive Star Citizen universe.

Plunder and Pillage

Our organization operates on the principles of piracy. We strategically plunder the universe’s resources, seizing valuable cargo and resources. We aim to be a formidable presence, leaving a mark on those who cross our path. Plunder and pillage are part of our strategy, contributing to our influence and survival.

Pragmatism and Efficiency

The Enclave values pragmatism and efficiency above all else. We focus on strategies and tactics that yield the greatest rewards while minimizing unnecessary risks. We encourage our members to think critically, make informed decisions, and act swiftly to achieve our goals.

Rejection of Role-playing

We are not role-players. We exist to compete and strategize, and our actions reflect this. We prioritize efficiency and effectiveness over theatrics. We are pirates, not actors, and we embrace this identity without compromise.


As the universe of Star Citizen evolves, so do we. The Enclave is adaptable and flexible, always ready to seize new opportunities and overcome challenges. We constantly refine our strategies, leverage the latest meta, and adapt to changing circumstances.


The Enclave is a distinctive presence in the Star Citizen universe, united in our pursuit of strategic gameplay, wealth, and influence. We are a team, focused and uncompromising. Through our focus on PvP combat, strategic plundering, and teamwork, we aim to make a significant impact in the game. Join us, and together, we can shape our gaming experience to our liking.

We are The Enclave.


Article I: Name and Purpose

This organization is named “The Enclave,” hereafter referred to as “the Organization.” The Organization’s purpose is to cultivate a community of individuals within the Star Citizen universe who share a passion for piracy and outlaw activities. We aim to create an environment where members can pursue their interest in PvP activities, primarily piracy, while promoting personal development and skill enhancement.

Note: The Organization does not function as a role-play or mil-sim community. We value immersion and dedication to our shared interests, but our priority is a focused and enjoyable gaming experience.

Article II: Membership

Membership in the Organization is open to individuals who:

a) Show a strong interest in piracy and outlaw activities in Star Citizen.
b) Can handle politically incorrect humor and discussions.
c) Are 18 years of age or older.
d) Commit to respecting other members and maintaining a positive gaming environment.
e) Agree to abide by the rules and regulations outlined in this charter.
f) Set their status as ‘Redacted’ upon application.

Prospective members must apply through the designated channels. The Organization will review these applications for approval.

Article III: Code of Conduct

Members are expected to behave in a way that aligns with the Organization’s principles, which include respect, growth, and improvement. Members can engage in politically incorrect humor and discussions, but they must ensure it does not lead to harassment, discrimination, or personal attacks. Mutual respect is crucial, and members should handle criticism and differing opinions maturely and with an open mind.

Harassment, trolling, cheating, hacking, or any behavior that violates the Terms of Service of Star Citizen is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate membership termination. Members are accountable for their actions and should strive to enhance their gameplay experience by improving their skills, strategies, and teamwork.

Article IV: Events and Activities

The Organization acknowledges that all events are optional, and members are not required to participate in any specific activities. The primary focus of events will be piracy-related activities, such as raiding, looting, and engaging in outlaw behavior within the game.

Regular communication channels will be established to coordinate events, share tactics, and promote camaraderie among members. The Organization may also organize optional social events and non-PvP activities to encourage community building and interaction among members, fostering an environment of personal growth and improvement.

Article V: Leadership and Structure

The Organization is led by a single individual who holds absolute power. This leader is responsible for managing daily operations, organizing events, and resolving disputes within the Organization. Members are expected to follow the leader’s instructions and directives while upholding the principles and goals of the Organization.

Article VI: Amendments

This charter may be amended or modified with the leader’s approval. Members will be notified of any proposed amendments, and their feedback and suggestions will be considered. Amendments will only be implemented if they receive the leader’s approval.

Article VII: Dissolution

If the Organization is dissolved, any remaining assets will be distributed at the leader’s discretion. By joining The Enclave, members acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the provisions outlined in this charter.