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Roberts Space Industries ®

Type \\\ Technologies / TYPEIII

  • Corporation
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Engineering
  • Exploration

We are a Scientific Research Corporation.

Our team is a global group of like-minded people who share the same goals. Expand your simulation and understanding of known science.

The Type \\\ mission is to reach the stars, then Engineer the Impossible.

Do you think you’re a Type \\\ Star Citizen?


Centuries ago, our epic journey commenced, stretching back almost a millennium. We won’t delve into exhaustive historical minutiae here; much of our past lies concealed within the veiled pages of redacted history books.

Classification: Type 3.

Faced with Earth’s overpopulation crisis, humanity confronted a pivotal choice: stagnate or ascend to the stars. Ascend they did. But how?

Through audacious experimentation that stretched the limits of known science, by pushing the boundaries of contemporary technology, and by eliminating the unpredictable human factor.

Our ancestors stood as the trailblazers of technology, crafting the very framework upon which our organization proudly stands today. Across the annals of time, they inscribed our legacy in the vast expanse of the ‘Verse. Type 3 Engineers emerged as the linchpins, instrumental in forging the essential technologies necessary to secure humanity’s foothold in the cosmic unknown. Through tireless research and engineering ingenuity, they triumphed over the most formidable challenges.

Today, we extend a warm invitation: join our esteemed ranks and uncover the secrets to becoming a Type 3 Star Citizen.

Membership is extended to those who yearn to engineer the unimaginable, those who dream of shaping a future where the boundaries of possibility dissolve into boundless opportunity.

Type \\\ Teamspeak –
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The Type \\\ mission is to reach the stars, then Engineer the Impossible.

We are a global group of like-minded people who share the same goals. Expand your simulation and understanding of known science.

Our focus is in Engineering, Research, Exploration, Trade and Commodities. However, to help protect our efforts we also have a Specialized Security Force that is always looking for new recruits. When we have new research discoveries we depend on our News and Media teams to ensure they are properly distributed to the ‘Verse.

We are routinely conducting exploratory campaigns across the ‘Verse and collecting data from new discoveries. When we’re not exploring, we are engineering and building up our resources to further expand our share in the current market.

Our ancestors forged our name in the ‘Verse. Today, we must maintain it, our assembly of core founders is here to help reach that goal. We need you. If you’re a motivated active Citizen and you want to enroll, presently, we are taking applicants to join us.

Here at Type \\\ Technologies we are multilingual and multicultural and we have a global community from our leadership team down to our members.

All languages are welcome. All countries are accepted. There are no drawn lines in the ‘Verse so we don’t draw any in our organization. Whatever level of commitment you desire; our organization is open. If you’re Hardcore or a Casual player, a Role-player, or maybe a Freelancer. Ask yourself, Are you a Type III Star Citizen? If you are interested in learning who we are, join us today and learn how you too can become a member of our organization.

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Career Opportunities

When you are employed by Type \\\ Technologies (T3), we believe that your efforts are to be rewarded. We value and encourage your opinion. T3 has achieved its position in the ‘Verse because of its employees. Whether you are an affiliate or a member of the team, your voice is heard.

Job placement is our top priority. Career advancement is our pledge to our staff. If you’re not moving forward you’re standing still. T3 does not advance standing still.

Have a job request or requirement we are happy to consider it and accommodate.

We function at the level you wish to participate. Whether you wish to lead or follow. Our organizational structure allows for Hardcore and Casual play to all our team members.

Media, News and Marketing

If you are a member of the team we ask that you carry our T3 corporate banner when posting in public forum. It helps to establish our brand and assists to generate new contacts and leads for potential business opportunities.

For security purposes, we have strict guidelines on disclosure for News and Media outlets. Our brand is our promise. We are looking to Engineer the Impossible, to do so we must exercise caution.

Human resources

Our HR Team is here to help new recruits and/or potential hires whenever required. They enforce our ideals and ensure we hire the correct T3 personnel to join our team.
Every new member of the team enhances our capabilities and influence in the ‘Verse.


Once you’re a T3 Member you are considered one of the team. We frequently conduct group and multi-ship operations to build teamwork and comradery. Our science fleet only functions as good as our weakest pilot.

We hold a compendium of shared knowledge with all our members. You or the person next to you will have the same resources and will be able to answer or issue requests within our company. In turn, you and other members are enabled to contribute and help out.

Member Rules

No stealing, raiding, sabotaging, destroying, or otherwise bringing malicious intent or action to other members or their property will be tolerated. We operate as a business.

We allow profanity, but bullying, racism, sexism, shaming, or other forms of intolerance also will not be tolerated and will result in membership review and possible termination as well as being added to our blacklist. We have a zero tolerance policy for this sort of treatment of others.

We are here to have fun and provide alternative purpose within Star Citizen. Every member of our organization is treated like a person. Life happens sometimes and our organization is no exception to that. At the end of the day we’re all here to have fun.

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