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The Navy or UEEN is the largest branch and public face of the UEE military. It is responsible for transportation of military resources, maintaining the borders and waging military strikes throughout the UEE. Service members of the Navy are deployed in nearly every system of the empire. In the early days of humanity’s expansion into space, the unified Navy primarily served as a police force, patrolling the systems for damaged or broken down ships. Upon the discovery of the Banu, the government realized that the Navy needed to be re-purposed as a military presence. The Navy’s fleet began to swell as it was the most obvious visual representation of humanity’s military strength.
Fueled by the never-ending stream of stories and Vids of daring pilots, recruits flocked to the Navy’s stations to sign up. Even before the Draft of the First Tevarin War, the Navy’s enlistment numbers had barely dipped. During the Messer Era, the Navy, along with the rest of the UEE military, grew at an exponential rate; helping in the Imperator’s mad dash for planets and systems.

Structurally, the UEE Navy is formed around Squadrons which are assigned a carrier and a fluctuating number of support ships. An Admiral is in charge of the carrier and squadron with Wing Commanders running the multiple Wings that operate at any given time.

Recruits train in the shadows of the massive shipyards at the academies and boot camps on MacArthur in the Kilian Systems.


The presence of an efficient military deployment is paramount to the safety of every citizen. The UEE Navy holds regular patrol and upholds bases such that the citizens of the UEE are safe from harm from threats, foreign and domestic. While the UEE Navy is not a law enforcement agency, it does patrol areas of importance and special interest.
The UEE Navy is responsible for patrolling border systems, jump points, sectors of military interest, Responding to distress calls of citizens, and to infiltrate criminal organizations and develop intelligence on criminal organizations.

The UEEN has several specialty branches which include:
UEEN-IA — Internal affairs -responsible for UEEN over-site.
UEEN-SF — Special forces – Covert and high risk missions, recon, search and rescue.
UEEN-OA — Outside Affairs – The information branch of the Navy which includes recruiters and officers that interface with outside organizations.
UEEN-IE — Office of Naval intelligence, carrying out mission critical tasks such as Infiltration, monitoring, and cataloging criminal organizations.

The UEE Navy is recruiting for the UEE Navy Racing Team (UNRT). Officers with top scores on the racing leader board will be invited to join the UNRT.


United Code of Conduct – Office UCC

1) UEE Military Veterans may join the UEE Navy with the rank of Ensign or higher ( depending on skills and service record )
2) UEEN recruits must attend and pass an advanced pilot training program before attaining active duty and accepting UEEN missions
3) UEEN officers may not conduct any illegal activity or allow any illegal activity to occur without following protocol**
4) UEEN officers must obey all commands given from superior or commanding officers
5) UEEN officers must respond to any distress signal observed from a citizen**
6) UEEN property is to be used only as directed
7) UEEN officers must maintain qualifications annually
8) UEEN security token and key are never to be shared with anyone, or leave an officers presence even under orders
9) During an active mission all UEEN officers must report as ordered if able
10) UEEN officers must not knowingly obey orders that directly lead to the harm of citizens or UEE property
11) UEEN officers must never hide their affiliation with the UEE Navy If the UEE Navy is their main Organization**

  • Some branches of the UEEN do not adhere to the United Code of Conduct. The UCC applies to all normal UEE Navy officers.
    • This does not apply to branches such as Special Forces and others like Information Security Officers.