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Universal Citizens Federation / UGFED

  • Organization
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We aim to have fun and enjoy star citizen and other games as a group
if you want to make friends and play games then this is the org for you.

Visit our website – >Here< for more information.


History is in the past – we look to the future of our Federation.

Our past has made us what we are but we must not look for answers there. Our aim? To become a efficient and established organisation which can map the unknown and support our fellow organisation members.

With our 300 year history our historian’s are working on updating this section.


We are Universal

We aim to be an international organisation. We plan to steadily grow into an active and fun community of similar minded gamers.

We are a Federation

UGF became a Federation in 2018 with the directive to bring together 6 core organisations into a single governance and control. As such the organisations formed the divisions for the Federation:

  • Exploration & Survey (ES)
  • Mining & Salvage (MS)
  • Transport, Trading & Commerce (TTC)
  • Combat ©
  • Industry & Construction (IC)
  • Racing & Competing (RC)


The Charter ofUniversal Gamers Federation
On the 21st of May, The council has met and agreed to establish the principles of governance of the Universal Gamers Federation (UGF) with the following Core Values & Rules captured as part of this.

Core Values of UGF Our core values set the foundation of what we believe is true to the spirit and nature of the gamers community we want to established and how we expect others to be. Respect others, have Fun and be Honest.
h4. Respect Respect for fellow members and non-members alike. You are representing UGF at all times as a member, so rise above the issues that can manifest in games and remember that at the end of the day we are here to play games.This applies even if you are part of a specific group within UGF and join a different game to play with friends. Stay classy and mature.

Fun We strive to have a very relaxed and friendly community with the main objective is to have fun and chill with friends. No pressure if things in game are not going your or our way. It’s a game and part of the challenge is find opportunities to improve or just enjoy the games for what they are. We are here to have fun and most gamers play to wind down. Why play games in a stressful environment. We want gamers to feel they can log in whenever they want.

Honesty We, as an organisation, strive to be as open and honest with regards to the running of UGF and its services. If you have a question about something we are there to answer it to our best capabilities. We have an open approach to questions being raised during meetings or in general. Monthly news updates to keep everyone within the organisation posted of what’s new and what’s going on.

UGF Rules
  1. No racism, bigotry, trolling & limit swearing.
  2. No personal attacks (Social Media, Discord, Teamspeak, Ingame, IRL) and ruining games for others including the use of cheats / exploits / unfair advantages used. Note that if you are found to be cheating this is an instant ban.
  3. Real life comes first.
  4. Exclusive to the org. Sponsored games only. Gamers must seek approval if they are part of a different server.
  5. Must have Microphone and must be able to speak english.
  6. Age of 25+ ( Exceptions are made on recommendation from council members) please speak to member of staff before applying.

  • Note that some games may have bespoke rules. Refer to the pinned comments of the supported games on discord.
  • Wearing a UGF tag is optional however note that for certain game types it is important to do so to avoid friendly fire.
  • Now if you feel this is the right community for you…Join us and spread the word.