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Vigil Exploratory / VIGL

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Welcome to the Vigil Exploratory

The spirit of the free pilot in the verse is little different than the spirit of the knight errant.
A sword taken up, a personal cause, but no monarch sworn fealty.
No, indeed, the only fealty sworn by these knights of the stars is to the depths of the verse.



In 2943 a new era of free pilots began

More enterprising young men, women, and enbies took to the verse than ever before in search of a new purpose; be it to fight the new thrills of combat, to enterprise in an infinitely expanding industry, to help those in need at their most dire, or to chart the new reaches of our expanse. All of these pilots broke atmosphere for the first time and instantly realized that this is the Last Vigil of mankind, the last place we are truly who we are meant to be.

The Vigil Exploratory Fleet was formed to provide a loose affiliation to those free pilots who shared a vision. To find a purpose in the stars, to be bold in the face of their trials, and to discover the depths of the black. Officially founded in August of 2943 in the UEE registry, it wasn’t until 2951 that the organization had enough funding to open offices and accept pilots. Early funding attempts were entirely driven by one of the organization’s founders, one Ririten Yuyuten, whomst had used his families lineage wealth and income gained from offering luxury exploration tours to put everything in motion. Unfortunately these attempts proved insufficient until an Angel Donation from the affluential Earth dynasty family, the Hawkmoon’s, got the doors open.

Suddenly, the emblazoned heraldry of Vigil was everywhere; the winged crown perched for take off in to the starry sky above. On paper, Vigil Exploratory is a worker’s co op, meaning that all members who list the organization as their primary affiliation get a vote in the affairs and goals of the fleet. In practice, anyone ranked as a “Knight” within the organization has almost infinite autonomy to make decisions on a case by case basis and, as long as these cases abide by the moral ruling of the Organizations Manifesto, would be considered officially sanctioned by Vigil even if said actions were extra legal.

These actions might have made it difficult for the Organization to maintain it’s status in UEE space if not for expert legal maneuvering and the overwhelming popularity of their actions. Smuggling medical supplies across borders, for example, might blur the legal lines but the optics on the UEE trying to shut down such operations would be worse for them than allowing them to continue. Even though rumors of the board’s increasingly Anti-UEE positions continued to spread, their operations remained un-infringed.


Vigil Exploratory believes that space is the last hope, the final frontier, the very last vigil for mankind and that it must be preserved and defended. Each Knight of the Vigil Fleet is given the freedom to make their own decisions about the best course of action going forward; be it a focus on combat, exploration, trade, or outreach. Often doing the best thing to maintain the freedom that the verse provides will bring us outside of the law, but as long as our actions are noble and moral then there is no hesitation in breaching that line.

Our current long term goal, Operation Last Vigil will be to build an outpost in unsecured space away from UEE authority from which we may begin to stage deep space operations. Defending such an outpost, of course, is also a concern so this operation will require just as many combat pilots as it will capable explorers.

Vigil Exploratory is supported by four primary divisions

Combat and Security

The verse is dangerous; both out there in the black away from UEE space and locally where the forces of the Advocacy often fail to protect. Within the combat division there are two primary roles labeled PvP (Pilot versus Pilot) and PvE (Pilot versus Environment). The former will focus on fleet defense against high risk adversaries and will often be requested or required to assist in operations in low security space. The latter will focus on more domestic issues, such as Bounty Hunting or aiding the Advocacy in Vigil’s name.

Trade and Financials

The primary Financier’s of the fleet, the goal of the trade division is to enrich both themselves and Vigil Exploratory through financial endeavors. Within this division roles can be further split in to Trading, Mining, and Salvaging. Whether it’s long hauling, engaging in salvage operations, or running a full op from mining to refining to moving goods, members of this fleet are among our most essential. As free pilots, each member of this division decides on their own what amount of their earnings to contribute to their co op at present. The income from the division fuels large scale operations.

Outreach and Rescue

The verse is dangerous and members of this division predominantly exist to help free pilots out in the verse, be them member of Vigil or not, survive another day in it. The roles in this division can presently be divided in to Repair, Refuel, and Search and Rescue though all three of these roles will often work together. Finding a stranded pilot may require not just giving them necessary medical treatment, but also repairing or refueling their vessel. In large scale org ops, the role of this division is to keep the fleet alive and moving in the black.

Exploration and Science

Presently, due to UEE restrictions on Jump Gate movement, all resources in this division are presently turned elsewhere. Once Jump Gate travel is permitted once more, the exploration Division will come online.


Our esteemed leaders have summoned a conclave to put into writing the foundation of our Faith. Please come back soon to learn more about our community.