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Vortex Tactical Solutions / VTS

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Vortex Tactical Solutions (VTS) is a Private Military corporation (PMC) that accepts contracts (for a wide range of tasks, from escorting/asset defense to larger scale fleet actions) from individual players, Squadrons and other corporations. For more info, please check the tabs below, or contact us.


Greetings, Pilot.

VTS started in Dec 2012 from a group of friends and guild-mates stretching over several games, including WoW, GW2, and several others. Our experience managing guilds stretches over several years and has achieved sucess in the challenges undertaken (particularly group & teamwork activities). So far, we’ve managed to assemble a sizable group of friendly members, and recruitment is growing steadily.

Our history in game of course, is yet to be written – So on behalf of VTS, I’d like to invite you to check out our other information on this page, our Manifesto and Charter tabs, our thread in the recruitment forum: and/or our own VTS forums, which can be found here: – And if you like what you see, you’d be most welcome to help be a part of VTS history yet to be!



Though VTS aims to explore a wide range of activities within Star Citizen; our primary focus is that of being a Private Military Company. Our Organization and its Members will field a wide range of contracts from both other Individuals and Organizations and strive to provide an outstanding level of service and high success rates.


When not otherwise engaged, Members of VTS are encouraged to explore some of the many other possible professions on offer within the Universe, and to support this, we will also be striving to establish VTS controlled space, where our economic and other non-combat orientated players will be free to enjoy the many additional avenues of fun and profit within Star Citizen. While all our members will be expected to know how to handle themselves in a firefight, they will be free to excel as explorers, merchants, Industrialists, or even data couriers. We will also be conducting Corporation sized group events during the Dogfighting Alpha, and during Beta/Post-Release to seek out large scale PvE and PvP content, whatever that may entail.


With the game still so early into its development, the Goals VTS strives for are bound to change frequently to reflect newly presented possibilities. For the time being however, our goals are fairly simple:

  • Recruit more like-minded members
  • Participate in Alpha / Beta events and modules together
  • Build the reputation of VTS both within the game, and the community


Though it’s difficult to give an exact listing of what sort of work VTS is willing to take on, the below list should serve as an adequate indicator. If you ever find yourself in need of some extra military strength, VTS is willing to offer:

  • Armed Escorts
  • Defensive and Offensive Operations
  • Various Mercenary Work
  • Anti-Piracy Operations
  • Reconnaissance and Surveillance


Like above, this section serves as an example and is not a complete list. Due to our desire to maintain a good reputation with the UEE and affiliated factions, there are several actions which VTS will not undertake within UEE Controlled Space or in situations where doing so may have negative repercussions for our organization.

  • Piracy
  • Smuggling
  • Slavery, Slave Trading, and Slave Transportation
  • Unsanctioned Assassinations
  • Other Actions which may negatively impact our standings.

VTS and its Members will always reserve the right to decline the offer of any other work which may have a negative impact on their personal standings or presents undue risk to involved parties.



Members are entitled to the following rights, which shall be enforced by VTS leadership:

  • Be treated with respect by fellow faction members.
  • Play the game in an environment which encourages fun, and punishes harassment etc.

Members are expected to uphold themselves to the following rules & responsibilities:

  • Do nothing to infringe on the rights of members as detailed above.
  • Be polite and courteous to fellow members, and when applicable, also to members of the general public.
  • Cooperate with VTS leadership and their instructions, assuming it would not present an undue risk to personnel, assets, or real life commitments to do so.
  • Keep your actions in line with the interests of VTS and its members. Neglecting and/or purposefully damaging the assets or the reputation of VTS or any of its members will not be tolerated.
  • Do your best to come to the aid of fellow members if urgent and justifiable aid is needed, assuming it would not present an undue risk to personnel, assets, or real life commitments to do so.
  • Avoid disclosing any and all information deemed confidential.


VTS strives to keep organizational structuring as flat as possible. This means keeping the ranking system simple, fair, and flexible.

At the top level, Board Members (collectively, The Board), will help shape the direction of VTS by making the hard decisions, like going to war with another PMC or deciding if we should enter into a high-risk contract that would require commitment of massive resources. They will also be in responsible for the general management of the organization, such as recruitment, event creation and management, crisis response, managing inter-organizational diplomacy, and handling internal matters which can’t be resolved by our officers. Generally most of these issues will be handled by delegated officers, with The Board in a supervisory role.

The Officership of VTS will generally be kept to a minimum where possible, with Officers being split into Warrant Officers who supervise general day-to-day operations, for instance during combat operations, while Staff Officers will be in charged with certain authorities such as recruitment and discipline, and will assume Board Member responsibilities in their absence or when requested.

Operators are the vast bulk of the VTS membership. Our general rank & file members, they are our soldiers, traders, industrialists and everyone else. We are intentionally avoiding fragmenting our playerbase into ‘junior’ & ‘veteran’ or specialised ranks, as niches that de-emphasise the worth of what is said in favour of who is saying it are definitely not in the spirit of VTS.

Recruits are provisional members who undergo a fairly brief trial period before they are accepted as full members. This may involve a waiting period on certain privileges and perks, but recruits are generally otherwise treated as Operators.


As stated in the Manifesto, the primary focus of VTS will be the undertaking of contracts from a client base ranging from lone traders, right up to the largest of Organizations in need of a little extra firepower.

Though the leadership of VTS will encourage all members to take part in contract work when they’re able, mandatory participation of members will never be the policy of VTS.

With that in mind, It is important to note that only those who actively participate in the completion of a contract will receive a share of the profits. The distribution of earnings will occur after the completion of a contract, with each participant receiving an equal cut of the total pay out.

The current stance of VTS for the distribution of any earnings as a result of scavenged cargo, ships, or resources is a “Need before Greed” basis wherein any active participant who displays true need for a recovered item will be awarded it. Where necessary, and in cases of multiple participants expressing their need of the same item, an available officer will make a judgment call. If nobody present indicates a “need” for an item, all recovered items will be distributed among participants in as close to an equal manner as possible.