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Star Citizen

Your Ship

Ready for Liftoff

You’ve found your ship but now what? This tutorial will walk you through getting in, getting comfortable, getting off the landing pad, and getting on with your adventure.

Quantum Travel and You

The universe is a big place, that’s where your ship’s Quantum Drive comes in. This tutorial will have you traversing the expanses of space in no time.

The Miracle of Flight

In this tutorial, you’ll get to know your ship and its systems a little better, learn how to maneuver, and bring her in for the perfect landing.

Systems online
Prepare for flight

Aurora MR
Starter Pack

Versatile utility ship with combat capabilities.

Fly Now

Avenger TitanStarter Pack

Veteran pilots call this the best starter thanks to its unmatched firepower and cargo space.

Fly Now

*Note: Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 is currently available to download and play. Additional features and updates will be released as they are developed.

Show PC Requirements

* Windows 10 - Anniversary Update (64bit)
* DirectX 12 Graphics Card with 4GB VRAM
* Quad Core CPU with AVX instructions (Intel's Sandy Bridge processor and AMD's Bulldozer processor or newer)
* 16GB+ RAM
* SSD Required.