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Star Citizen

Your Community

Friendly Competition

As you battle your way through Star Marine and Arena Commander, the leaderboards allow you to easily see how you stack up against the competition in each of the various ranked gameplay modes. Improve your skills and your standing while facing off against opponents from around the globe.


Stay Connected

Star Citizen is currently in open development. In addition to sharing our progress, we're asking players for their input. By releasing early gameplay like the Alpha 3.0 build, you have a chance to play a key role in the early stages of the game. Star Citizen’s backers have already helped improve the flight model and their suggestions have led to significant design updates to ships and systems.

Let your voice be heard, interact with the developers and other players, and keep track of the game's progress all in one place thanks to Spectrum, our web-based chat and forum platform.


Get Organized

Why wait to recruit your squadron or form your guild? Spectrum has a fully-featured Organization system that has been used to create over 40,000 Star Citizen political, military and business alliances that will transfer over into Star Citizen’s living world, the Persistent Universe. You can recruit, promote and organize your own group on our Spectrum platform and start working to leave your mark on the galaxy.

Find your friends and start forging alliances today.


What's to come Forging Ahead

With our community-tested patches, backers have a unique opportunity to influence Star Citizen and to help improve the game experience through contributions to the Issue Council. This community-driven tool allows backers to report issues they encounter while testing the game, assist in verifying and reproducing reports, as well as help the team prioritize which tasks to tackle first. As development progresses and new Star Citizen game updates are released, the important role the Issue Council plays will only continue to grow.

Join in on helping to develop the game here.

Follow development

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Prepare for flight

Aurora MR
Starter Pack

Versatile utility ship with combat capabilities.

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Avenger TitanStarter Pack

Veteran pilots call this the best starter thanks to its unmatched firepower and cargo space.

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*Note: Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 is currently available to download and play. Additional features and updates will be released as they are developed.

Show PC Requirements

* Windows 10 - Anniversary Update (64bit)
* DirectX 12 Graphics Card with 4GB VRAM
* Quad Core CPU with AVX instructions (Intel's Sandy Bridge processor and AMD's Bulldozer processor or newer)
* 16GB+ RAM
* SSD Required.