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July 5th 2013

$13 Million!

In just four days, Star Citizen fans have raised another million dollars. We gave you the goal of becoming the first fully crowd funded AAA game and you are delivering faster than we ever imagined possible. The entire team at Cloud Imperium Games is grateful for the trust the fandom has placed in us; we will deliver an experience worthy of your incredible support! Check back later today for a design post featuring your first look at Star Citizen’s economy system.

The $13 million goal adds frigates to the roster of player-flyable ships and introduces one very cool new element for gameplay: the Command and Control Center. Found as an optional seat on larger ships, the C&C lets you coordinate the battle between multiple ships: let your friends or NPCs who are flying escort know where to go and what to do.

Next up is the $14 million goal, which adds another great design element we’ve been thinking about as well as a making-of documentary and one player-demanded feature we hadn’t originally considered:

$14 million

  • Hibernation Mode: for the explorers out there, we will add the ability to save and resume while you are out in space. When not in combat, power your ship down, hit the bunk, and exit the game safely until you can resume your journey.
    Professional-quality feature-length “Behind the Scenes of Star Citizen” documentary film.
  • A fourth landout option on Earth! Where will it be? London? Berlin?

Per tradition, we’ve also de-classified the $15 million goal. We had thought it would take months to even reveal it, but now… who knows how quickly the community can get there? Tell your friends about Star Citizen!

$15 million

  • Additional flyable ship class: escort carrier
  • The Upgrade Handbook: an extra 42-page manual that walks players through the process of customizing and overclocking their ship systems! (PDF free to all backers before $15 million)

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