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December 7th 2013

Letter from the Chairman: $34 Million

Letter from the Chairman: $34 Million

Greetings Citizens,

We have reached $34 million in crowd funding… without any special promotion, new ship releases or even LTI! Much of this is because new users are finding Star Citizen and the community you’ve helped create every day. I know that we have loyal backers to thank for that: in addition to making the game possible with funding, you’re introducing your friends and families to Star Citizen.

At $34 million, you unlocked the penultimate fan-voted ship role, the MISC Hull C:

  • MISC Hull C (Discreet) – Scaling from small “box trucks” to massive supertankers, the MISC range of cargo hulls (A-D) are the standard goods transporter in human space. Extremely configurable, MISC Hulls can be adapted for most any type of transport job: from standard bulk shipping on the patrolled spacelanes to armored cargo hauling on the frontier. While these pre-configured hulls are primarily used for legitimate purposes, the MISC Hull Cs have recently become the favorite for criminals who modify the ship with advanced sensor shadow technology, quick-decompress holds and a variety of hidden compartments without modifying the ship’s body so it will appear to onlookers as standard everyday transports.

Last time, you were asked to vote on a major feature of the next Star Citizen system. The audience resoundingly chose a location on the event horizon of a black hole. As a result, the $36 million stretch goal is the Tamsa System:

  • Tamsa System – Located near the fringe of Banu space, Tamsa System features a massive central star that has collapsed into a black hole. Evidence suggests that there were at least two more planets in the system when the star collapsed before the ensuing black hole engulfed them. Only two planets remain in the system, a chthonian world and a gas giant located far from the black hole’s event horizon. Initial surveys indicate that the two outer planets are slowly being pulled towards the black hole, leaving the two as a risky proposition at best for any sort of colonization.

We look forward to showing you more about this system as the locations develop… and the countless others you’ll be exploring in Star Citizen. In the meantime, you can vote on the next location. As with the ship polls, we’ve removed the highest and the lowest options from the previous poll. Now tell us what kind of location you’d like to see next!

What location would you like to see in Star Citizen? :

What location would you like to see in Star Citizen? :

Total Votes: 30334

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