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May 18th 2015

10 For the Artists Episode 2

A few of the Artists from CIG Santa Monica answer your questions about Star Citizen in the second episode of Ten for the Artists! Each show features 10 questions asked by subscribers, chosen from development for each show. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here.

00:41 – Fuel in the ‘Verse
02:05 – Design Research
06:39 – Concept Ships Interior
06:58 – Influenced by other properties
09:28 – Beds and Living quarters
12:03 – Player vs NCP ships
14:35 – Culture in the ‘Verse
15:09 – Art of Uninhabited planets
17:54 – Cultural Influences
22:23 – Custom ship colors
24:39 – Color and Shading

End Transmission

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10 For the Chairman

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