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July 13th 2015

10 For the Producers Episode 9

Two of the producers at CIG Santa Monica, Darian Vorlick and Erik Kieron Davis, are back to answer your questions about Star Citizen! Each show features 10 questions asked by subscribers, chosen from development for each show. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here.

00:42 – Producer or Project Manager
03:12 – Smoking while dogfighting
05:15 – Being a 3D Environment Artists
08:55 – Merging AC and SM builds
11:09 – How to be a Producer
14:30 – Rapid iteration of an in Alpha Game
17:03 – Project Status Page
19:46 – Time frames
23:15 – Fighting Feature Creep
27:43 – From idea to Completion

End Transmission

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10 For the Chairman

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