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August 10th 2015

10 for the Artists: Episode 04

While the Chairman was away prepping for Gamescom, we sat down with Artists Forrest Stephan and Omar Aweidah to take 10 questions from our Subscribers. We answer ten questions chosen from development subscribers in each show. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here

00:37 – Rejected Concept Art
04:44 – How to Stay Motivated
06:34 – Buying a New Ship
09:03 – More Concept Art
10:48 – Visualizing Interiors and Size during Conception
13:10 – Ranking Possible Influential/Inspirational Material
16:43 – Helmets on Multi-Monitor Displays
18:29 – Style Guides
21:47 – Closed Back of Helmets
25:59 – Alien Races

End Transmission

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10 For the Chairman

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