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May 25th 2015

10 For the Producers Episode 7

We’ve got a little Star Citizen, a lot of FPS…how does that sound? It’s another solid episode of 10 For the Producers! Each show features 10 questions asked by subscribers, chosen from development for each show. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here.

0:44 – Using debris as melee weapons
2:15 – In-game chat system
3:16 – Controller balance on release?
6:29 – Romance/Relationships to add immersion
8:09 – Jump Point warfare
10:06 – Voice chat plugins
11:08 – Currency in the game & inflation
12:59 – 54M Stretch Goal – AI Behavior
15:32 – Third person camera in FPS?
17:46 – Radiation mechanic to affect play

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10 For the Chairman

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