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Selene (Vega III)

Selene is a terrestrial planet in the Vega system, United Empire of Earth (UEE) that was minimally terraformed to Human specifications. From 2550 to 2712, Selene was a center of industry, trade, tourism, and culture, serving as a key travel hub in the UEE. After the Battle of Orion in 2712, Selene experienced a sharp drop in population as inhabitants of the system fled to other worlds in fear of an imminent Vanduul invasion. In 2737, after the dual losses of Virgil and Tiber, Vega became the closest Human-inhabited territory to Vanduul space. While refugees from Virgil and Tiber filled in some of the gaps left by its fled populace, Selene’s population numbers never reverted to pre-Vanduul levels. Today, many of Selene’s buildings and construction projects are abandoned.

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