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Deacon Messer II

Deacon Messer II (2567-2661) was Imperator of the United Empire of Earth from 2592 to 2628. The only son of Ivar I and Delia Hassan, Deacon oversaw the Second Tevarin War (2603-2610), increased military spending, expanded the powers of the Advocacy, increased minimum sentences for criminals, approved funding increases on exploration and terraformation efforts, increased taxes on the wealthy, and decreased taxes on the poor and middle class. He voluntarily stepped down as Imperator in favor of his daughter Livia III in 2628. Deacon took on the role of advisor to the Imperator until the death of Livia’s son and his grandson, Marius IV, in 2641. Alongside Livia, he retired from public life entirely in 2643, severing ties with son Corsen V. He remained close with his grandchildren throughout his life. A year after his 2661 death, his granddaughter Illyana VI allegedly had her father Corsen and brother Gammon assassinated.

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