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Jata is the most populous city of Cestulus (Davien II). Because the planet’s atmosphere is thin, Jata is largely located under enormous, complex biodomes kept habitable by a system of air production facilities that help supplement the oxygen supply. It became the United Empire of Earth’s (UEE) main center for trade with the Banu after Banu-Human First Contact in 2438. Although Banu-specific trade waned when Humans discovered systems closer to Banu territory, the city has remained a hub of commerce and shipping, partially due to the presence of major spacecraft manufacturer Aegis Dynamics’ main headquarters. Jata has often been the setting of Human political upheavals, such as the 2529 Unified Currency Riots and the 2546 Atrocity at Jata, the first in a series of terrorist bombings that led to the implementation of Ivar Messer I’sPrime Citizen plan.

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