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Welcome to Minerals Inc. your premiere resource hub.
We’re here to provide you with the largest stockpile of minerals and merchandise in the verse at a competitive price.
If it can be dug up, salvaged, or moved we’ve got it!




Minerals Inc. is always hiring and has several job opportunities available.
Join our team of professionals today!


Travel across the stars on a cosmic road trip of a lifetime while exploring the Universe in search of the unknown. Venture deep within planets and moons to see what lies beneath. Discover new locations, rare minerals, technology, alien life, and more.


Most commonly known as The Cosmic Gold Rush, this high paying job is as dangerous as they come. People from all over the Universe are in a millennia long race to find that one rock that can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, or leave you dead in a pile of rubble.


The Scientists, Doctors, and Mechanics who dedicate their lives to getting one step closer to unlocking the secrets of the Universe. While experimenting and creating new technology might sound fun it can also be extremely dangerous. Strict safety protocols are in place with a zero-tolerance policy for mistakes.


Where there is demand there will always be supply. Transporting cargo is a fast-paced and risky business. On-time and intact delivery is top priority. Safety is a luxury and pirates are an occupational hazard. Coordinate within the feet to safely travel the verse.


Recycling is key when you’re alone in space. Having the ability to salvage damaged equipment and derelict ships is essential to maintaining an active fleet. There won’t always be a Truck Stop to get spare parts and the last thing you want is to get stranded in space from a broken part.


While most Citizens abide by the law there are those who choose a different approach to obtaining their wealth. And when encountering those dangerous situations you want to be prepared. There are only 2 outcomes to war, you either win or you lose. Always be prepared to win.


Doctors are on the front line when it comes to the health of civilians. A simple cut can become life or death in space. Without the proper medical training and equipment people are sure to live a short life. Prepared to treat everything, hope to treat nothing.