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This is a multi-role organization, open role to match the vastness of the verse

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Welcome to the T.G.T.! We are looking for players wanting to fill a huge variety of roles, We are encouraging players wanting to play as doctors, engineers, soldiers, pilots, bounty hunters, traders, miners and many other professions to join our ORG. Our goal right now is to reach 100 players so that we can have a really nice group to play on different fronts of the game. As we grow, well be distributing players for specific Military convoys. YES WE ARE A MILITARY ORG, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot trade or explore the universe and do many other things around the Verse. AGAIN, we are a diverse group, strong and determine, and watching each others back from pirates, or other mischievous players. So please take a look at what we are trying to achieve.

We want to divide the members of this org in 3 different, but not isolated groups. The Civil Assistance Branch, Military Front Branch, and Central Intelligence Branch are such groups, working together, synchronizing while completing missions. We believe that great team management is a must in this game if we want to grow, so we are dedicating each branch to a specific tasks while we all complete missions around the verse. For example, while one group is hauling cargo the other two might be scouting ahead and killing pirates that come across our path. One of the things that we are going to be focusing on is avoiding any surprises which will make us lose precious cargo. Another plan is to have an emergency response team. Jumping around the Verse, saving our members from our enemies, round after round of limitless action, while they wait for the space cavalry to arrive and then taking off to save other members in another corner of the universe. As we gather more members we will be asking them what they want to experience in the Verse. Making sure that the role that they wish to play has a spot for them in our ORG. We really do not want anyone feeling left out.

As soon as you guys join, the first thing well be doing is asking where do you see your self in the scenario of this vast stage. I promise you, we will have a spot for you. So if this caught your attention, read the manifesto and charter. Get to know us. We are still updating a lot of the information there as we grow, and I guarantee you we will grow

If you do not know how to get around in the game or fly a ship, I will teach you, you can count on me. If you have questions message me and ask me.

Once you join, please say Hello in the team chat :)

FieldHood – T.G.T. Colonel and founder

Read link to understand game


United Alliance Fleet:
The Astora Protocolhere
Secure Transport Coprorationhere
The Black Talonshere


For honor and glory, no mission is impossible enough for our soldiers (players). Every members of the The Galactic Triumvirate is required to enroll for military training for its own benefit and the benefit of this nation (if you do not know how to play the game or flight a ship, we will show you). Every member will be require to be proficient on the arts of combat, just to be ready for anything the Verse throws at us. The Military Front Branch will provide such training for its members, on top protecting our territories from its enemies.

T.G.T. is a military organization with all sort of role playing available for its soldiers. There will be huge opportunities, from mining and trading to bounty hunting and bounty hunting, If a career is not listed or mentioned on the layout of the organization, do not worry, it can always be added. The T.G.T. is focusing on having a diverse roles for its soldiers, we do not want anyone to feel forced to do something they do not want tot do or out of place. There are three main branches to our military that are laid out with the purpose of having an organized convoy (group of players) during missions. The separation of this Organization into three groups will also ease the handling of such, making it easier for its members to enjoy the Verse. Soldiers or members will also be allowed to switch roles before missions if so desire, no one is locked to a specific role (we want you to enjoy the game as much as possible)

There are three main branches in our military

- Civilian Assistance Branch – C.A.B.

C.A.B. – Responsible for executing common contracts such as mining, transport, trading, civil engineering, and other low risk paid public works provided by non-members of the organisation or the public. The C.A.B. focuses on acquiring the necessary resources to maintain the other two branches. Fear not, with the proper intelligence and military security at its back, no contract will be of the unrewarding kind. The C.A.B. will be assigned light weapons and gear, while being accompanied by the M.F.B. for support during the execution of contracts. Ships assigned to this branch will be of the carrier type.

Roles available: Traders, Engineers, Cargo Pilots, Miners,

- Military Front Branch – M.F.B.

M.F.B. – This branch is just simple military. Providing the back bone of the nations defense during times of peace and war. Members of this branch can expect to work on security assignment, hunt of fugitives, or the destruction of pirates or other organizations exploiting players. The M.F.B. will also be tasked to provide protection to the other two branches while they executing contracts and fulfilling missions. Rescue missions are also part of the common life of the members of the M.F.B.. Doctors and ship engineers are part of this branch as well. Heavy weapons and gear will be provided to this specific military personnel. Military fighters and warships will be given to this branch of the T.G.T.

Roles: Fighter Pilots, Doctors and Emergency Personnel, Infantry, Bounty Hunters, Ship Escorts, Security and Ship Engineers

- Central Intelligence Branch – C.I.B.

There will be two parts to this specific branch. One being open to the public, while the second one being completely private and secretive. The C.I.B. members will be provided with medium tier weapons and gear for self defense during regular operation, or light weapons and gear for to maintain a low profile during cover ops operations. Always with the M.F.B. at its back in case of prolonged conflict, the C.I.B. will always count on professional conflict support. Ships assigned to this branch include personal transports and explorations ships.

C.I.B.1 – This sub-branch of the C.I.B. is tasked with space exploration and the open trading of information. Upon stumbling on major discoveries, members of the C.I.B.1 will report findings to the higher office of the C.I.B.1. Information will then get analyzed and processes accordingly. Either sold or kept top secret for the use of the T.G.T. Diplomats and Negotiators will also be part of this sub-branch of the C.I.B., always looking for the best opportunities and contracts for the T.G.T. to take.

C.I.B.2 – Members of this branch are recommend to keep maximum confidentiality in order be able to complete the mission. Do not worry, The M.F.B. will always be right behind you. This branch will be focusing on scouting the path ahead the trailing military convoy, in order to avoid ambushes and loss of personnel or cargo. Infiltrators and spies will also be part of this sub-branch of the C.I.B. having the main mission of gathering information to gain the upper hand against our enemies.

Roles: Explorers, Spies, Diplomats, Reconnaissance, Discrete Security, Diplomats, Negotiators.

Members will be encourage to travel in Military Convoys for maximum combat efficiency and protection. Solo missions are also available if members must travel by themselves, but in case of an emergency, a response team is always ready to help.

Right now the following ships are available for its members to use

As we grow, well be acquiring new ships.

We play at different times of the day, message us and we will let you know who is available



We are here to have fun. I personally would like for this organization to become famous for its impact on the Star Citizen Universe. We welcome anyone with the desire to have fun, and we will accept affiliates, as well as full members. We would really like if this is your main ORG, but its completely fine if its not, we understand that the Verse is vast and full of possibilities. We welcome suggestions even from the lowest ranks of the ORG, so please do not be shy ;). We take donations and support from players, we know the really big ships are way too much to buy by one person (although, they are cool as F), so if we all contribute a little, we can have a great time. I want to make clear that everything in the ORG is for its members. Main members will have access to more content than affiliates, but this should not prevent affiliates from having fun. We are here to have fun, and at the end of the day many of us come from work, school, or simply the real world with the intention of relaxing and having a good time.
NOTE: I plan on being a hardcore player as well as some of the other members. That does not mean that light or casual players are not accepted. Everyone is welcome

Many but simple rules to follow

-Use of Discord is required.
- This is just a game. Do not take things out of context.
- We will respect organizations with good morals and positive intentions (seen through their actions).
- We will honor our alliances, we are here to make friends.
- Please respect other members in the organization.
- Simple, just have fun.
- If you see other members damaging our acquisitions please report them to the leaders of the ORG.
- Take care of everything as if it was JUST your own.
- Do not discriminate.
- Cursing is allowed as a from of expression, but please refer to one another with respect.
- Give us your input, we all have something to say and offer