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Viking's Ship Rentals / VSR

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Welcome to Viking’s Ship Rentals!

We have ships of all types and sizes which you can rent.
Maybe you just want to try a ship before you buy?
Or perhaps you want to try some exploring or trading for a few days?

Regardless of your rental needs, you’ve come to the right place!



Viking’s Ship Rentals (VSR) was established in 2944 by Bjørn Farmann, also known as Viking. We offer ships rentals and other services in two star systems: Terra and Sol. So if you need a ship in a hurry, you know where to go! We’ll be happy to help you with a fine ship to rent. We also have weapons and stuff you may like to have mounted on your rental ship before you head out into the unknown, plus some other goodies. (See the manifest for details)

You’re welcome to drop by anytime for a chat and a cup of coffee or tea!


About 2,000 years ago, in my former life, I was a local viking king who ruled in the land of Vestfold, in (what is now called) Norway. I was the son of King Harald Fairhair and Svanhild Eysteinsdaughter, and my name was Bjørn Haraldsson, but people called me Bjørn Farmann because I travelled and traded a lot.

I survived an attack on my life from my brother, Eirikr Blodøks (Eric Bloodaxe), and escaped into the Vestfold woods. I wandered around for days until I fell into a hole in the ground during a snow blizzard. There I saw a bright light and lost consciousness, but before I passed out I saw a glimpse of a couple of thin grey guys with large heads and big black oval eyes. The next thing I remember is waking up in a white room whith some men in white coats standing over me. They told me, through an Icelandic interpreter (who talked a little funny), that it was the year 2933 and that I’d been frozen into suspended animation – whatever that meant. So I’ve been frozen for over 2,000 years, and Odin how the world has changed!

After living in this new world for about a decade now, learning the language of english and serving some years in Squadron 42, I’ve realized that those grey guys probably were aliens from another world. I think I must’ve seen something I shouldn’t have and they likely fired on pure reflex when I fell down the hole, thinking they were attacked by the locals or something. I did wander around in my big wolf fur coat, long beard with snow and ice in it, my hammer and axe in the belt and everything, which probably made me look like a frightening savage. No wonder they were scared!

The last years I’ve seen many other alien races and the wonders of technology. And space ships! In my previous life we had ships too – fine long ships – but they sailed the seas. And we thought the stars were pinholes in a huge black blanket covering the world at night so the people and animals could sleep. I’ve learned a lot since then about the stars and the universe … how little we knew of this back in my time! Ha-ha! Now I have my own space ships and am doing much of the same I did earlier – trade and exploring. Only now it’s in space. I don’t want to return as a king or rule an area, just be a normal trader/explorer and co-operate with any (lawful) friendly parties.

I consider myself an honest and good man and I’ll never be a pirate or slave smuggler, for instance. In my days the most important thing was a man’s legacy, how he was thought of and spoken about after his death. Wealth, status and power was all good to have, but meant nothing compared to the legacy you got. So expect me to conduct myself to the highest principles and moral. It may be another time now but I believe old virtues never die.

But I’m constantly on watch for my old enemies and my vicious brother or someone from his clan. Chances are they’re all dead by now but you can never know. My brother might’ve been frozen too for what I know. And clan feuds don’t die easily … so maybe, just maybe, it’s reason for concern. If my brother is alive he’ll be a pirate & crime lord no doubt. Being careful is wise, I think. Better to look behind you one time too many than risk being stabbed in the back.



Viking’s Ship Rentals (VSR) rent out ships to citizens and civilians in the UEE. You can find us in two different star systems, Terra and Sol (this may be changed at a later date), which both have a similar selection of ships and equipment.

We don’t want people with a criminal record as customers, due to the potential impact of VSR’s reputation if ships are used in criminal acts. Besides, Bjørn Farmann doesn’t want anything to do with pirates, slavers, smugglers, and other criminals.


VSR offers large and small ships, for all kinds of needs.

Members of these organizations get a 15% rebate on ship rent from us:

Confederation of Free Traders
Draken Intergalactic
Windbourne Highlanders
Rogue Squadron.

Rebates cannot be combined.


You may request special weapons mounted on your ship before pickup. The standard weapons that comes with the ship from the factory is always mounted, but you may want a gatling gun or a mass driver in addition to, or instead of, one of the standard weapons. We have most weapons available for you, perhaps also some rare ones. We also sell missiles and ammunitions for reasonable prices. You don’t want to fly out into unknown space without being armed. Besides, it helps bring back the ship in one piece.

We also offer overclocked (or sometimes underclocked) weapons, engines, engine coolers, shield generators, thrusters, etc. through our Affiliate Partner Draken Intergalactic. This will ensure you often have the upper hand in combat situations.

By the way, if you have good ship parts, weapons, ammo or missiles you want to sell, give us a call. We always need more, especially those rare ones. And we pay good prices!


When you travel outside secure space, you’ll often need escort and other security arrangements to protect you and your business. VSR has arranged deals with PMC’s who takes care of that for us. We contract only the best, such as our Affiliate Partners Windbourne Highlanders and Rogue Squadron.


Sometimes you get stranded in space. Perhaps you forgot to refuel in time or the ship was damaged beyond on-site repair. For such situations VSR offers refueling, towing, repairs, and rescue services through our affiliate Windbourne Highlanders. Just call us and we’ll send a ship ASAP. Arrival time will depend on the distance from our nearest service vessel to your location.


If you have any important and new info about pirates, vanduul, or other security issues, we’ll pay you substantially for this. Either you’re an Info Agent who does this for a living, or just a citizen who came by this information by chance, expect us to pay you as much as anywhere else you can sell it, or better. We need such info to assess the risk of renting our ships out.


To be announced.



VSR’s main business focus is renting out ships and equipment to law abiding players in the Persistent Universe of Star Citizen, through contracts the game mechanics allow. In addition, VSR will sell munitions, weapons, equipment, and different services. Our customer prices are reasonable and only slightly profitable. VSR want to offer services the community needs, not become rich. We do need to cover our costs though. As for the things we buy from our partners or customers, VSR will try to offer the best prices in the game.

VSR’s employees and representatives will honor all contracts, conduct themselves politely at all times, and treat every customer with respect and dignity.

VSR is not a democracy but a business, and Viking will set the rules as he sees fit – within the UEE laws.


You must first become a Customer before you can rent a ship. It’s also necesarry to sign a rental contract. Only law abiding players may be customers in VSR and we will investigate all customers’ background and game status to see if they’re law abiding or not. The customer is expected to cooperate in this process, if needed.

Players who have a criminal record will not be able to rent ships or otherwise deal with VSR. By “criminal” we don’t mean a parking ticket or other minor offenses, but rather things like bounties, profession as a pirate, slaver, or smuggler. Also, a history of harassment of other players, or display of low moral and bad behavior – either in game or in forums – which includes griefers and gankers, gold farmers, exploiters, hackers, scammers and so on, will be excluded from becoming customers in VSR.

Existing customers who gets a criminal record may be removed as customer, without notice.

Customers who break contracts or try to con VSR in any way, should expect a bounty on their head or an assassin sent after them – depending on the type and severity of the case.

OTOH, honest customers will receive various treats and benefits, such as rebate coupons, value vouchers, personal invitations to parties, and so on.

Recurring customers may advance to Premium status, which may get them better deals and more treats, such as reduced price on overclocked weapons, free intelligence info, free tips on newly discovered map areas, and more.


VSR will honor all agreements with its Affiliate Partners, and expect the same in return. We are very fond of our partners and will try to maintain a friendly, mutually profitable, and fun relationship with them at all times. Most of our partners’ members will have special treats waiting in our shop, as part of the agreement we made with their Org.