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Spectrum – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spectrum?

Spectrum is the brand-new custom-made communications platform designed specifically for Star Citizen and it’s community of players. It is a cutting-edge combination of our Forums, Live Chat and Organization System all in one place, and will ultimately serve as voice communications while playing Star Citizen.

Where can I use Spectrum?

For our initial launch of Spectrum, it will be available for use in web browsers on your computers and portable devices. The browser-based Spectrum is just the beginning of our rollout, as we intend to expand Spectrum not only into a dedicated mobile app, but the Star Citizen Launcher and the game itself, completely unifying the overall Star Citizen experience.

Will I be able to communicate with my Organizations through Spectrum?

Absolutely! The ability to communicate with your org is an integral part of Spectrum. In addition to accessing the new Star Citizen Forums and Live Chat lobbies, Spectrum also brings the addition of Organization-specific Forums and Live Chat as well. Within your private org areas, You will have the ability to create your own lobbies, forum channels, roles and permissions. Additionally, you and members of your org will have access to rich chat, and eventually voice integration within the game.

Is development done on Spectrum?

This is only the beginning. This first iteration of Spectrum has the features necessary to replace our existing Forum and Live Chat platforms, but Spectrum will continue to receive weekly update builds that not only address bugs but add new features to the platform. Spectrum will be a continuously improved and built upon addition to the Star Citizen experience, eventually bringing in new features such as voice, in-game integration, and a variety of quality-of-life improvements over time. You can help to make Spectrum better by reporting bugs through the Issue Council.

Is there voice chat in Spectrum?

At Spectrum’s initial launch, voice chat will not be included, however this is the next major features that is being worked on. We feel that once voice chat is launched, Spectrum’s integration within Star Citizen will make it the obvious choice for communicating with your friends both in and out of the game.

Communication Platform Transition

What is difference between the old forum/chat platforms and Spectrum?

Spectrum is a modern communication tool, with real-time functionalities. The Spectrum Forums have richer sorting mechanics, navigation and notifications. The Live Chat lobbies and Private Messaging are exceptionally responsive include rich embed. Currently Spectrum Alpha 0.3 includes presence endpoint, allowing you to see your status in game, and we’re developing deeper in-game integration for the future. Spectrum provides a faster, more agile and completely custom experience compared to our older forums. One of our primary intentions in developing Spectrum was to create a space for Organizations to operate within the RSI site. We have designed Spectrum to make it easier to connect with your recruits and generate custom Forums and Live Chats. Never before has it been this easy to connect with your Star Citizen community, and take that connection directly into the game.

What is going to happen to all my old posts?

The older forums have been an extremely effective in building the Star Citizen community. Chris’ goal is to move all Star Citizen communication to Spectrum, to create a single point of contact. As usership increases on Spectrum the older forums will eventually change to an archived state, where content is no longer editable but will stay accessible to you. When it is time put these forums in archive we will provide advance notice, so that your posts and chats can naturally flow to Spectrum.

When will the old forums and chat be shut down?

We have not yet determined a date to end the editing capabilities on the forums however we will provide you with notice when we do. In the meantime we encourage you to visit Spectrum and start adding to the new and improved communication platform.