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March 28th 2013

Dispatch Update

Dispatch Update

Hello Citizens.

Dave Haddock here. I wanted to take an opportunity to let you in on the plan for the future Spectrum Dispatches. We’re going to keep the Tuesday News Update going and we’re currently organizing the next batch of serials from some exciting new writers. In the meantime, there have been emails and forum posts asking for an official canon guidebook. While we’re still developing and fleshing out the universe itself (it’s pretty big), we wanted to do something for you writers out there who want to or have been generating your own fiction for the Star Citizen universe.

This will be a little different from the Galactapedia, which will be an ever-expanding encyclopedia of everything Star Citizen, this will be a Writer’s Guide. Similar to a Show Bible for a television show, this will not only give you background information but also how to approach the various governments or Corps as a character, to help come up with new directions for them that remain consistent with what’s already been established.

So feel free to post any questions or topics you’d like explored/addressed in the comments.

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