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August 27th 2014

Fan Spotlight: Music Volume 2

Fan Spotlight: Music V2

While some enjoy the silence of space, many would rather rock out while soaring around the stars. As such, today we’re going to highlight a few of our favorite songs created by our amazing Star Citizen community.


We’ll start with Carl-Brecon’s song Damnated. What starts off as a fun quirky tune quickly evolves into a robust battle theme as you fly against the Vanduul.

Here is the link to Carl-Brecon’s Post


If you’re like me and enjoy the synthesized music found in Tron and other 80s sci fi classics, Playing_With_Andi’s “Last of a Kind” is right up your alley. This is a fantastic song to aid any exploration enthusiasts out there.

Here is the link to Playing_With_Andi’s post


Despite his despondent name, Shiversalone delivers a surprisingly upbeat tune titled The New Sun. Do not be surprised when you see other pilots grooving along to this one.

Here is the link to Shiversalone’s post


Lastly we’ll visit Anthony_Locke who, if you remember, was highlighted in our last music fan spotlight. This time he comes with a new dubstep song named LockeStep.

Here is the link to Anthony_Locke’s post

These forum composers continue to leave us at CIG in audible awe at their talent. From preparing you for battle, to making those long space trips a bit more enjoyable, these talented song-smiths continue to enhance the Star Citizen experience. Let us know who you like listening to as you cruse around the stars below. We’ll see you next week!

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