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September 30th 2016

Galactic Tour’s Fan Favourite Finale
Sponsored by Astro Armada

A word from our host

That was a nail biter!

And by that I mean the outcome of this vote was such a forgone conclusion there was nothing else to do but sit around and bite my nails.

Now I know some of you may say putting the Sabre up against the Delta wasn’t really ever a contest to begin with, but I say, sometimes you want a hamburger even if there’s steak on the menu. The hamburger may not be as fancy, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have a damn good time flying around in one. However, in the end, the results were about what you’d expect if the two ships got into a real dogfight, with the tender filet of Sabre brutally destroying the Mustang Delta to earn the title “Dogfighter of the Year.”

Let’s wash our hands of that bloodbath shall we, on focus on more exciting things. As this year’s Galactic Tour Fan Favourite Flyer poll comes to a close, I am pleased to announce that you will have a chance to experience all the nominees first hand this November at the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, surprisingly and conveniently also sponsored by Astro Armada.


No beating around the bush, I love aerospace shows and it is a huge honor to be able to participate in the renowned event. With an incredible line up of special guests including ground-to-space speed record holder Chelsea Yan, the stunning flight acrobatics of the ‘Wreckless’ Squadron 999 and designer of the new RSI Polaris, Jules Parliegh, this year’s expo is shaping up to be a real jaw dropper. Of course, more importantly than all of that, Galactic Tour is going to be there and we’ll be bringing along with us a whole hangar worth of ships that we’re going to put through their paces in what I have dubbed the “Why Would Anyone Do That Gauntlet.” Prepare to witness the exploration of such riddles as: can an m50 be used to blow out the candles on a birthday cake? What happens when you race two Vanguards but the pilots can only see out of each other’s helmets? How many shots from a laser pistol would it take to stop a Tali? Can we actually find twenty people out of a hundred who would choose to fly the Delta over the Sabre? And the biggest question, how much does Jax McCleary charge for an autograph. Hope to see you all there!


About the Sabre sale!

Attention Citizens!

Last week’s winner, the Aegis Sabre, is now available for purchase (and upgrades) in the pledge store. It will stay available until October 7th 9AM Pacific time.

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