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Gammon Messer

Gammon Messer (2629 - 2662) was the eldest child of ImperatorCorsen Messer V and actress Inaya Satti. He spent his childhood on Earth (Sol III) with his sister Illyana and his cousin Marius. Third in line from ascension at the time of his birth, he was raised without expectation that he become Imperator. He spent his youth pursuing hobbies and was rumored to have indulged heavily in vice. When Marius was killed in a shuttle explosion in 2643 and Corsen became Imperator, Gammon was suddenly first in line for succession. He was forced to attend military school at the behest of his father, and formally entered the UEE Army at age 18. In 2654, he married Colonel Yemi Duas in a lavish ceremony in New York City on Earth, which his sister Illyana did not attend. His only daughter Astrid was born in 2661. Before his assasination alongside his father in 2662, Gammon was credited with creating more intense prisoner conditions and devising particularly violent forms of information extraction, many believed to have been derived while accompanying Corsen on his many visits to the political prisons on Charon III.

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