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Magnus Tobin

Magnus Tobin (2756 - 2912) is the founder of microTech and the architect behind the company’s purchase of Stanton IV from the United Empire of Earth (UEE). Upon receiving his Equivalency, he entered his parents’ textile company and helped it generate record profits when he overhauled its technical structure. In 2782, Tobin accepted startup funds from his parents to officially incorporate microTech. The company struggled to turn a profit until he partnered with former mentor Aleena Tressler, whose advice led him to hire notable engineers and developers and grant them autonomy over their own projects in the interest of fostering the next great idea. His purchase of the company Empiric Education led directly to Tobin’s creation of the first mobiGlas. Its success ultimately made microTech one of the largest companies in the UEE. Tobin died in 2912, after personally overseeing the construction of New Babbage.

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