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Messer Era
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    2546 - 2792

The Messer Era (SEY 2546 - 2792) was a Human time period during which the Messer family were the absolute rulers of the United Empire of Earth (UEE). It started with Ivar Messer I in 2546, when he seized power of the United Planets of Earth (UPE) government through a combination of political manipulation and propaganda campaigns to create the position of Prime Citizen in 2546. As the new solitary leader of the UPE, Messer conducted sweeping governmental reforms which transformed the office to that of Imperator, a lifelong, hereditary role, beginning a line of succession with his son Deacon. Though the Messers were popular at first, with each subsequent ruler, their policies became more characterized by draconian enforcement of laws, warmongering, greed, corruption, and abuse of power. The last Messer to hold the position of Imperator, Linton Messer XI, was executed in his bed by revolutionaries during the uprising of 2792.

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