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Origin 600i Yacht Club / 600I

  • Organization
  • Regular
  • Social
  • Exploration

The 600i Yacht Club was founded in Aug/25/2947 and it is the oldest yacht club in the verse.
Club Website…
The Ultimate luxury experience, with the largest luxury fleet in the verse.
Apply for the most exclusive Yacht Club in the universe.



The 600i Yacht Club was founded in Goss ii Cassel on Aug/25/2947 and it is the oldest 600i owners’ clubs in the verse. We would like to invite all the owners of the Origin 600i and the valuable crew member of the yacht. The Club is one of the world’s premier yacht clubs and our mission is to promote yachting, Trading, Exploring and fellowship among members. Currently, the 3 main clubhouses are located in Goss ii Cassel, Helios ii Tangaroa, Lagora Island, and Terra Prime. The Club also offers multiple outposts lounges around the verse.

We Know Every detail about Luxury. We Provide a Luxury High-End Social Club. We are looking for People who appreciate the Yacht lifestyle, The People who own the yacht, The People who want to participate in a Yacht Club, and the Elite captain and crew who would like to operate on the 600i. All Application are welcome. We also accept org Partnership with the club.

For more information please check out the Club official website
Club official website Link
Club wiki page
Club Discord
Club Logo Changed 4/2/2948
Club Name Changed 6/?/2948 (Owners’ Club > Yacht Club)
The club reached 25 members 9/17/2947
The club reached 30 members 10/8/2947
The club reached 35 members 10/24/2947
The club reached 40 members 11/14/2947
The club reached 45 members 11/29/2947
The club reached 50 members 12/4/2947
The club reached 55 members 12/8/2947
The club reached 60 members 1/12/2948
The club reached 65 members 1/26/2948
The club reached 70 members 3/14/2948
The club reached 75 members 3/25/2948
The club reached 80 members 4/12/2948
The club reached 85 members 4/13/2948
The club reached 90 members 4/20/2948
The club reached 95 members 5/26/2948
The club reached 100 members 6/10/2948
Club Age 100 days 12/5/2947
Club Age 200 days 3/16/2948
Club Age 300 days 6/23/2948
Club Age 770 days 10/06/2949

SPONSOR and PARTNERSHIP (Will Be Adding The Org Badge To The Website Once A Week)


Company, Organization, Friends
We are a half Casual half Regular organization.
We do not force a player to engage every org activities.
We do not troll or damaging org member’s property.
We understand real life comes first.
We always respect multi culture.
We always welcome the new player.


Membership Guidelines

The Origin 600i Owners’ Club is one of the world’s premier yacht clubs. Our mission is to promote yachting, Trading, Exploring and fellowship among members.



1 Yacht Club Leadership (Founders and Club Officers)

2 Yacht Club Staff (Moderators, Administrators, and Web Developers)

3 Commodore (Own 3 or more Luxury Yachts of at least 60m, one must include a 600i)

4 Captain (You own a 600i)

5 Crew (You are a 600i Enthusiast, but do not own one. You will be welcomed as crew on any of our Yachts)

Roles (main affliation only)

1 Founder

2 Regular Members

3 Associate Members

4 Junior Members


Having your Org introduction on the club website.

Once your Org become a SPONSOR and PARTNERSHIP, Your Org’s Badge and Logo will be added on to the website, This will including a short introduction about your Org.