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Astral Imperium / AIM

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Astral Imperium

The Universe is Waiting


Astral Imperium was founded in 2944 out of a shared interest in creating a fun and inclusive organization for like-minded citizens.



Our mission

To become one of the most reputable organizations in the verse, known for our sizable private military and industrial capabilities.

Why join

  • An awesome community of like-minded players to play and have fun with in the ever expanding Star Citizen universe.
  • Access to Astral Imperium’s fleet: Only own a starter ship? Not a problem, Astral Imperium has a huge range of ships at the disposal of its members.
  • Working together to achieve both the collective and personal goals of all of our players: You will always have support of Astral Imperium behind you in what ever endeavors you undertake. Everyone is here to help one another and have fun!
  • Our airlocks are open to both the hardcore and casual players among you, so no matter if you play 1 hour a week or 5 hours a day, you will have a place in Astral Imperium.


  • Our command structure will be built up over time as the game develops and we find suitable people to fit the roles. Watch this space.

There is no obligation to participate to any activities. However if you decide to participate to a specific activity, you shall follow the command of the leader of that activity. This is to ensure everybody has a fun time playing. Less Drama, More Fun!


General Rules

  • Absolutely no racism, sexism, abuse or other forms of hate
  • No hacking, exploiting or bug abusing
  • Don’t start drama


  • Have fun and enjoy yourselves!
  • All members should act in a mature manner when representing Astral Imperium. Your actions and words reflect on the whole organization.
  • If you have a problem, concern or general question then please speak to High Command