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The Dirty Skull / BLACKCREW

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  • Hardcore
  • Piracy
  • Bounty Hunting
    Bounty Hunting

Welcome to the Pirate Core, this is The Black Crew Pirate Group from Our Goal is simple, Piracy. To Dominate the stars under the Black Flag. Taking what we want, from who ever we want. Living the life, a Pirates Life.


Alliance Members as of 06-02-14

The Brotherhood of Deception (DECEIT)
Titan Incorporated (TITANINC)
Armstrong Security Solutions (ASS)

Members of The Black Crew are asked to cross affiliate with each member of the alliance listed above. Make sure to tell them you are from The Black Crew.


We are pirates…. what do you think we do?


Please Follow the Pirate Code at all times.

I’m gonna try to make this as simple as possible. Failure to follow the code could result in a time out, and if behaviour does not improve, a ban.

Community Rules

1. Respectful – This generally means don’t be a dick. Dont be rude, talk nasty to, or verbally attack others. If two people have an issue, bring it to the Officers, and let us handle it. If you can’t be polite to someone, this may not be the group for you. Drama is something we all deal with in our normal lives, we will NOT deal with it here. Don’t Argue for the sake of Arguing.

2. Speech – Racism, Homophobia, Lewd sex talk, Politics and Religious talk have no place here. this is a GAMING community, keep it about games.

3. Attitude – Try to keep a positive attitude when you’re here, no one here is out to hurt anyone, and if they are, they will be removed. Try to remember this also how you “feel” can also easily translate to how you read things. Example, you just lost a close game in LoL, so you hop in chat and say “This Game I played sucked” and someone in the community says “Almost as much as you do” regardless how the message was meant to come across, if you are angry you will read that in the worst tone possible, but if your not, you might take it as a friendly jest from another member just teasing you. Keep in mind we won’t tolerate bullying in anyway here. Let’s try to be as helpful to each other as possible, a strong community helps us all.

4. No Cheating/Theft – No Hacking, Duping or Exploits will be tolerated. Also no talk about “Where to download the latest game/movie” This community is here to SUPPORT the content creators, not to hurt them. Tho we like Pirates, it does not mean we support breaking the law, software Piracy is wrong. I like Zombies, it does not I mean I support eating people.