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Roberts Space Industries ®

Gunstar Zeroes / GSZ

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Freelancing
  • Social

Space Janitors-for-Hire.

No job too small. No fee too big.


You know how every major space scenario has its empires, its rebellions, its evil corporations, its big heroes, and its big villains?

Screw all of ‘em. Those guys are a bunch of tools. We’re the little guys. The poor shlubs that take those dirty jobs that no one really wants.

Need some shit lugged across three systems that’s barely worth the cost of the trip? Need some skeeves wiped off the map but can’t afford a proper military contractor or mercenary? Looking for some cannon fodder to watch your back as you dredge through uncharted territory? Looking for some guys who are just out there to have a good time, crack wise, make a bit of money and blow some shit up once in a while? Well… we’re your guys.


We’re looking to maximize our fun having potential without resorting to trolling. We’re not looking to make a dent in the fabric of space time with our existence. We want to be “Just these guys, you know?”. We’re looking for people that want to have a good time in a reasonably unstructured guild. People that aren’t sure if they want to go it alone or join something bigger. Perhaps you understand the idea of safety in numbers, but you still want to be a PERSON in those numbers. We want people that want to try it all. Perhaps you decide you do want something bigger and better? Feel free to move on to another group. As long as you’re having fun that’s all we really care about.
Can you appropriately quote stupid movies at the right time in the middle of a firefight? Are you of the mentality that this is “just a game”? Well, give us a try. Hopefully we’ll be a good match for you and we can all have a lot of fun together in this brave new world.


Guild type – Jack of all trades
Alignment – Chaotic Neutral
Ideal size – 20 active members
Personality type – Smartasses