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Roberts Space Industries ®


  • Corporation
  • Regular
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Greetings from INTERCOSMIC INCORPORATED™ a division of INTERCOSMOS LTD & welcome to ‘the’ key Anti-Piracy organization

We are Cargo – We are Deep Space – We are the ‘Verse


Armed Logistics / Deep Space Exploration / Heavy Industries



Timeline of INTERCOSMIC™ /// 2945 – to date



♞ Discord: Our Discord has undergone thorough testing and is now open for everyone; right here direct to Discord



IMPORTANT: With Cutlass Red nearing flight ready status in days, prices of both ship lineups likely to rise! CCU: Intercosmic HIGHLY recommends the following CCUs:
  • to Cutlass Black
  • from Cutlass Black to Freelancer (price went up as predicted; no longer recommended)
  • from Cutlass Black to Cutlass Red (price went up as predicted; no longer recommended)
  • from Freelancer to Cutlass Red (price went up as predicted; no longer recommended)


January to December: Year of the Great Drought.
  • Fleet: Thanks to our sponsors we got a company GreyCat for you. Small but better than walking =)
  • Fleet: Intercosmic Inc. to replace standard shuttles aboard its capital and exploration fleet with C8X Pisces
  • Fleet: Intercosmic Inc. turns down RSI Top Brass offer to acquire prototype of outrageous RSI Mantis
  • Fleet: Intercosmic Inc. purchases large batch of latest Argo Astronautics brand new MOLE


October: WIth new content influx by CitCon 2948 Intercosmic proudly retakes the stage

  • Fleet: Intercosmic Inc. officially registers interest in Drake Interplanetary’s brand new Kraken class
  • Fleet: We proudly announce the arrival of the first batch of the Aegis heavy gunship Hammerhead class
  • Ship Trials: Intercosmic members welcome to join Hammerhead ship testing. To know more shout to: X-24.
January to September: Hiatus (lack of content) & stability; Intercosmic remains above 1500 members
  • CCU: Intercosmic HIGHLY recommends CCUs to Avenger Titan, 300i and Cutlass Black
  • Avenger series likely to increase in price when hitting the shelves, reworked and upsized. Jack of all trades!
  • 300 series will grow in size and price to more or less a Cutlass/Freelancer category. Be wise!
  • Cutlass Black still available at old price tag. Be smart! – contact org. leadership for further questions!


October to December

  • CCU: Do not miss this: for this ongoing Anniversary Sale Event: We highly recommend this Inforunners’ guide
  • Diplomacy: Intercosmic looks forward to great partnership with expert security operator, Apex Freelancing
  • Diplomacy: alliegence switch to Drake Steele’s newest company venture: Oracle Deepspace Operations
  • - as reknown SteeleHawks Industries empresario Mr. Steele starts fresh with Oracle Deepspace Ops
  • Coming soon (Soon™): A news blog on the holy Game Changer (expect it following the Pioneer Q&A)
  • Also upcoming: A discussion about our main activity groups.

September: Our Discord is shaping up !

  • Discord: Overcoming shortcomings of Imperial Spectrum Comm for all our members we got our own Discord
  • Please use your Star Citizen ID or post your RSI profile link to #Rally Point upon joining via the invite link
  • Note: INTERCOSMIC™ full or affiliate Membership required to access Discord Invite for the time being
  • Spectrum: While we all wait, Intercosmic’s entertainment section adds a lot of arcade classics

August: Management is back after a short holiday break in the Ellis System (Portugal, actually)

  • Cyclone: After initial tests with the new Cyclone, our engineering dept. on site questions its combat utility
  • Planetary: Intercosmic ground vehicle flotilla expanding: The release of the Cyclone (by DevCo’s Tumbril)
  • Cyclone: Is the Tumbril’s latest all terrain buggy a true whirlwind or really just a breeze? Now we know:
  • Read Intercosmic NewsBlog and find out our final veridict on the Cyclone Sale

July: To all full & affiliate members: Renew your DTN commercial Class-G small land vehicle license

  • We will be looking closely at this new development towards an expansion of ground transport, exploration and combat options. Especially promissing: The turreted multi-purpose escort and the missile launcher equipped AA defence editions. Planetside racing and leisure touring is expected to be of secondary, yet not insignificant interest. We are looking forward to all variants. In any case, we are all eyes and hoping to see more on upgradeability and modularity

June: We are very glad to welcome our newest 20 members to our growing group of intrepids

  • Fleet: Since may, we have seen the introduction of two promising new craft that will fit into their niche
  • As nimble and rapid as speeder bikes come, all the current records are now held by the new Aopoa Nox.
    - We strongly believe that this is a craft that will be very useful to our Deep Space and Exploration ops.
    - If you have a starter package craft sitting idle, because you have larger ship, ideally with transport capability for transporting speeders (Cutlass/Freelancer and up) you may want to consider CCUing said starter to a Nox currently at 40 UEC SALE price
  • As limited as may be, as carrier based Stealth Bombers come, Intercosmic will use Aegis Eclipse
    - We say ‘limited’ mainly because it would only make sense aboard our Idris Frigates, i.e. a concerted, punitive strike. Therefor, we saw no need to advertise it for purchase. It will have its use for the org. but we don’t need tons but a small number for the military branch of our fleet operations

April to May: Intercosmic is 1400 affiliate and full members strong

  • Spectrum: Don’t be a stranger: Our org. Forum and Chat are now available on our private Spectrum Chanel
  • Fleet: Come on over and share your ships and idead with us in our growing org. Fleet List
  • Drake Sale: Make sure to get Free CCUs b4 sale ends on the 10th. Prices on small Drake ships likely to rise.
    - Go here for a free Freelancer and / or F7C Hornet CCU to Buccaneer;
    - Go here for a free Taurus and / or Retaliator CCU to Cutlass Blue;
    - Reverse CCUs are also available
January to March: Membership remains stabile at around 1350 able members and affiliates
  • Fleet: A high maintainence glass cannon and cheap n easy dogfighter?
    - Find out close up whether it lives up to the hype: The Hurricane. Only on Intercosmic NewsBlog
  • Fleet: Is to-be reworked, former wannabe pirate now the ideal mercenary escort ship for us?
    - Follow the analysis of the up & comming Drake Cutlass exclusively on Intercosmic NewsBlog


October to Novemberg: Having reached a strong 1300, consolidating to getting more full members atm.

  • Until Dec. 1st: From R.Kore to R. Tana, 315P or Mustang Delta – or backwards; make sure to get a Free CCU;
    - Read Intercosmic NewsBlog on the CCU option details Edit: Has ended Dec. 1st.
  • Fleet: We proudly introduce an imposing number of Polaris Class to up & project our capital class prowess
    - Read Intercosmic NewsBlog on the newest capital ship in our fleet: The Polaris!

August to September: CEO Winterx was away on family business: Another Star Citizen’s funeral too many

  • Partnership: Please welcome our newest Partner Organization: Iron & Ice Escort and Exploration / IIEE
  • Ended: RSI’s discount on Auroras to the Reliant Kore has ended – normal price tag no longer recommended!

July: Intercosmic resumes its healthy growth and seeks officers for upcomming Orgs 2.0 posts

  • 1K: In a historic moment, Intercosmic reached its1000th membership & took its place in the Org. Top 20
  • Consultations: Intercosmic to be holding negociations for closer ties to one Top 3 Org. for closer ties
  • Partnership: Meanwhile, 7 new and promising org. partnerships are being established (see Charter)
  • Website: We are currently building a concept for a to-be blog integratable, external Website

April to June: Org: Hiatus following Mr. Winter “X” losing his father due to a faulty pressure door seal

March: Affiliates and members of Intercosmic Inc. rise to a staggering head count of over 900

  • Video: Enjoy a closer look at our main activity UEE border hub & neighbouring outlaw system: Castra & Nyx
  • Video: Presenting border worlds perfect for profitable Alien Tech trading with Xi’An & Banu: Baker & Corel
  • Corel: Come to that little star system right in between the “Wild West” Banu and Human space - Star Map
  • Baker: Interested in cargo or perhaps the most dangerous race in the galaxy? Check it out - Star Map
  • Art: No pro-artist has knocked at our blast door, but Alpha agreed making some tasteful banners.
  • Banners: Soon™ (TBD) - Suggestions?

February: We have just struck the overly incredible headcount of 700 !!!

  • Vacancy: Already a Full Member wanting deeper Org. involvement? Is recruiting your thing? Contact
  • Delayed: CIG says comming features ‘looking good’ in mock-up but still far away for Organizations 2.0
  • Video: Our Org. is featured in fellow Citizen Incoherencel’s Star Citizen Trailer ‘Good Business’, at 1:44
  • Vacancy: We are currently seeking Youtubers / Video Makers / Banner Artists Contact
  • Vacancy: We are currently seeking a dedicated Org. Teamspeak Admin Contact
January: Over 600 fellow Star Citizens are strengthening Intercosmic with their sign-up! Welcome All !!!
  • Combat: We’ll run fringe world Combat OPs & alien tech Trade from the UEE Outpost System of Castra
  • Trade: INTERCOSMOS has now been officially founded at our Trade & Transport hub on Kampos, Ellis
  • Lore: Replaced Nyx with our Castra II combat hub; Replaced 2nd Terra Nova entry with our main Ellis hub
  • Piracy? Hardly news, but feel free to read & comment on our org’s Anti-Piracy Statement
  • Partnership: Under the hood, 6 new and promising org. partnerships have been established (see Charter)
  • 2946: Happy New Year & Merry Christmas Greetings, yall !!! - Click here


December: Very, very happy that we have even surpassed the count of 500 members!

  • Fleet: Our upfront combat div. is now hiring UEE Navy veterans with service experience on the Idris Class
  • Banu: Good pay & food & see the ‘Verse! JOIN the ranks of our evergrowing Hull E & Merchantman Fleet
  • A New Home: We think the best trade hub for us is the central trade lane Ellis System !!! Do you?

November: INTERCOSMIC Inc. doubles to an active fleet size of over a 350 strong !

October: INTERCOSMIC Inc. skyrockets to a headcount of over 175 active members and affiliates

  • Partnership: *Intergalactic Airlines℠ / IGAIR now official parter of INTERCOSMIC Inc. / ICINC
  • Fleet: INTERCOSMIC Inc. reports a Fleet size potential of an estimated 344 Ships and growing fast
  • HQ: Mr. Winter “X” is back following a several week long business trip to the Xi’An systems (China, actually)
  • Company Forum Thread: Soon™
September: INTERCOSMIC Inc. soars to a headcount of over 40 active members and affiliates
  • Partnership: Dear all, we will soon be official partners with Intergalactic Airlines℠ / IGAIR
  • History: Timeline change (Lore is now in achronological order to allow current, organization-based updates)
  • Charter: Added FAQ at the bottom to make things clear on how the organization sees piracy, smuggling, etc
  • Partnership: We are currently negociatiating with 2 orgs.., a major transport org. and a security contractor


Timeline of INTERCOSMIC™ /// 2888 – 2945 – [Lore]


2945 – (August 23rd) asset restructurization and legal reshuffle into “INTERCOSMIC INCORPORATED™”

  • Settlement in the so called ‘Flagship Gambling Case’ and *Lady Luck modernized & renamed “Aquarius”

2945 – (June) introduction of exclusive yachting [added Origin 890J “Lady Luck”]

  • company flagship allegedly won via illegal gambling? – our legal division: “baseless accusations”

2944 – new management under Pat “Winter X” Winter: First RSI Constellation MK3 & MISC Hull C

2943 – black thursday stock market crash on Lo, Corel: Most of company fleet and assets scrapped

2929 – expansion of the logistics division: First MISC Freelancer & AEGIS Avenger

  • Armed Logistics

2926 – establishment of the INTERCOSMOS™ holding on Kampos, Ellis

2925 – introduction of the logistics division: First Origin 600 & Origin 200

  • Heavy Industrial Transport + Convoy Escort Services

2918 – private family insolvency and eventual seven-year company receivership

2917 – death of Earl Winter

2916 – first IVOCO branch opened on Castra II, Castra: First MISC Fiera & RSI Constellation MK2

2902 – introduction of the IVOCO engineering division: First MISC Starfarer

  • Mining + Fuel Supply + Deep Space Exploration

2902 – establishment of “Intercosmic Volatiles & Oxides Corp.” on ArcCorp, Stanton

2899 – death of Custer Winter

2896 – first courier and passenger services offered: First Origin X3

2893 – first IVOCO branch opened on Terra, Terra Nova: First RSI Mover Transport

2892 – first IVOCO branch opened on Terra, Sol: First RSI X-7 & Constellation MK1

2888 – established on Mars, Sol as “Intercosmic Vegetable & Oil Co.” by founders Custer & Earl Winter

Copyright 2944-2952 – INTERCOSMIC INCORPORATED™ a division of INTERCOSMOS™ LTD
Org. Referral Code / STAR-7L6S-3VKD any gains to benefit and be available to all Org. members
Company “Greycat” Buggy and Fish Tank achieved / Next Target: Company “Gladius” Fighter Craft (8/10 Referrals)



A few words from our Chief Executive, Mr. Winter “X”


Dear Citizens, fellow Members and Affiliates of INTERCOSMIC Inc., welcome my friends,

my name is Winter “X “and I am at the helm of this small but growing armed transport and deep space exploration organization. Be it imperial and otherwise friendly space, or out into the vastness of the void, we will field transport and escort craft on all routes within and beyond – from the core systems up to the fringe worlds of our known, free space. Where cargo companies center mainly on transport, trading and resources, security orgs on security – INTERCOSMIC provides transports and escorts alike.

  • So what does make us at INTERCOSMIC different from all the other companies out there?
  • What makes you different from them? And even more importantly:
  • What makes all of us stand out? Well, let me tell you:

So, when you are in the captain’s chair…
of a freighter, a star liner or a mining ship and are in need of escorts, look no further. Or when you are in your single seater and urgently need someone to haul your hard earned goods home or to market, we will provide the cargo space to get you and your precious items to safety. By rule of thumb, not only are all our cargo operations escorted but also are our transports themselves armed! We don’t just deliver either cargo capacity or security – we deliver a solution – of both!

The difference: At INTERCOSMIC we deliver EXCELLENCE – and that, we can certainly be proud of!

But Armed Logistics is by far not all INTERCOSMIC is about:
We also provide crews for your multi-ship ventures and share technology and trade route short cuts found by our Freelance Explorers, as we are strong believers in flexibility and diversity being better than rigidity.

We are looking for
hot shot pilots, able transporters and seasoned freelance miners, traders and adventurers to affiliate to or even join our cause for our mutual benefit, sharing convoy routes and contacts across the galaxy as well as in keeping affiliated and otherwise friendly entities well supplied at all times – because the hand of friendship is also always a helping hand – and a prosperous one.


You stand out of the crowd: You are Intercosmic


Are we looking for you? Why yes! Because you share our values; you are different and stand out of the crowd!

  • FLY with us for mutual safety and that of your cargo
  • AFFILIATE to us for access to open routes at all times
  • JOIN us for profit on your ventures across the Cosmos
  • YOU can make a difference – BE that difference

Lets give one another a hand and keep the trade routes open ! – Be INTERCOSMIC !

With best regards,
Winter “X”, Capt.

Should you consider heeding the call, please issue us with a short description of yourself as well as a general overview of your ships and plans as a member of our organization. We are still in development, after all. Many thanks in advance.

Copyright 2949-2952 – INTERCOSMIC INCORPORATED™ a division of INTERCOSMOS™ LTD
Org. Referral Code / STAR-7L6S-3VKD any gains to benefit and be available to all Org. members
Company “Greycat” Buggy and Fish Tank achieved / Next Target: Company “Gladius” Fighter Craft (8/10 Referrals)



Our Field of Operations


Transport + Security
INTERCOSMIC’s first main goal is to deliver a best fit solution by bringing together not one but both elements of transport capacity and security to achieve a positive synergy effect. And as a Plus, our fleet can interact with other, partnering firms in a flexible manner and thus provide a whole network of friendly and reliable contacts and open harbors on our routes.

  • Where regular trade & transport firms seek safety in mere numbers of cargo ships, INTERCOSMIC is different.
  • Where security firms are too centred on escorting only and merely fly from A to B, INTERCOSMIC is different.

Freelancing + Engineering
Freelancing is be the key bridging factor in how our organization will work and come together, as we will not have a rigid structure in terms of who is doing what at time X but INTERCOSMIC will always encourage fellow captains to go about their business as freelancers if they wish. We are a self sufficient organization, holding lose contact but regrouping when our own and friendly network partners require assistance.

By the way, sharing won’t mean that one will have to share with the organization by default. The spoils of Freelancing will remain in the Freelancer’s purse and pockets alright, with sharing being at one’s own discretion. But sharing is beneficial to everyone in the end:

Not only does INTERCOSMIC encourage but also help its captains out via additional ships, crew, loans and even technology transpher. Our members and affiliates will also never have to shoulder any of these undertakings on their own or pay full price when it comes to engineering and equipping their ships. Whatever they need, we got it.

Exploration + Trade + Resources
Our secondary goal is yet another synergy concept relying on the activities of trading, resources and exploration. And what would be better than to have freelance Explorers going on adventure and finding something new, be that resources or a new short cut on our trade routes through the ‘Verse, perhaps some new contact to share, science findings & technology?


At a glance ♘ Auf einen Blick


Languages spoken
♘ English
♘ German

Main Fields of Operation / Hauptbetätigungsfelder
♘ Transport + Security / ⧨ Transport + Sicherheit
♘ Freelancing + Engineering / ⧨ Freelancing + Technik
♘ Exploration + Trade + Resources / ⧨ Raumerkundung + Handel + Ressourcen

Friendly Organizations
♘ Avalanche / AVAL
♘ Chronos Liberi / CLO
♘ JumaCorp / JUMACORP
♘ The Convoy™ / CONVOY
♘ Space Trade / SPACETRADE
♘ The Seraphim Regiment / SERR
♘ Weyland-Yutani / WEYYUCORP
♘ Neutral Security Agency / SECURE
♘ Black Frost Security / FROSTSECUR
♘ Mercurian Logistics™ / MERCURIAN
♘ Groombridge Heavy Industries / GHIND
♘ The Galactic Exploration Consortium / GEXC

Partner and Affiliate Organizations
♘ Iron & Ice Escort and Exploration / IIEE
♘ Oracle Deepspace Operations / ODO
♘ Vaterland Corporation / VATERLAND
♘ The First Constinian Bank™ / FCBG
♘ Brother’s Trust / BROSTRUST
♘ Wolfe & Company / WOLFECO
♘ Intergalactic Airlines℠ / IGAIR
♘ Apex Freelancing / APEXCR
♘ Tri-Star Corporation / LSSS
♘ Rouge Squadron / ROUGES
♘ The Quiet Resistance / TQR
♘ Protectors of Verum / PROT
♘ Knight’s Errand / THEKOFE
♘ The Institute / INSTITUTE
♘ 110 Deadpool Corp / DPC
♘ The Corporation / CORP
♘ Spectre / PRIMELICTO
♘ Armored Fist Inc. / AFI

Our newest partnerships




“What sort of players are you looking for?”

We are an English and German speaking org. with a Global Playerbase!
This means we are looking for loyal players from ALL TIME ZONES across the globe. Since the English and German communities are the most numerous and active, we are currently hoping for players from A) New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, B) Central Europe, Britain and Ireland as well as C) the Americas, although you are welcome to join us if you can keep up in either language, even if it is not your first or if you are hailing us from some other part of planet earth. In other news, I wouldn’t really like to run into issues with people making fun of other folk’s language skills. That is also a reason, I have so far kept it down to Star Citizen’s two most common languages. All with the plan at mind to being able to offer our clan members and friends an organization that has someone online at any given time of the day.

“I want to rise in rank and perhaps assume a role with more responsibility within the organization.”

Rank + Role + Responsibility
That is something we greatly welcome and encourage. Right now, Ranks are given out depending on your commitment to our organization. Affiliates will remain on Rank 0 unless they write us about themselves, their ships and plans within our organization. Full members and affiliates with both the wish and the means to have a significantly large impact will be in higher ranks. I.e. Third party org. leaders, ship magnates or company leadership.
As to roles, the thing is that CIG has issued us but with rather basic tools but there will certainly be further options once “Org. 2.0” is released – as well as many in-game organization features. We are looking forward to that with great anticipation. Bear with us – its gonna be grrrreat !

“Does your organization allow piracy, slave trading or the smuggling of drugs?“

Piracy + Slaving + Smuggling
INTERCOSMIC does neither allow nor condone acts of piracy, illegal slaving or smuggling of highly illegal materials! Our goal is to make legal trade Number #1 and to keep our trade routes open and secure at all times.

“What if I ‘find’ something on my way – am I allowed to keep it to myself or do I have to leave it behind?“

Scouting + Technology
Trading of engineering technology, re-vending of jump route mapping, as well as making profit out of news/info running, etc, is seen as perfectly permissible without anything much of a regulatory company policy required. Our freelancing members and affiliates require their freedom of action.

“If Piracy and Slave trading is not allowed, what about bounty hunting and looting information?“

Bounty Hunting + Infiltration
Generating income from hauling contraband or from bounty hunting is not explicitly outruled when fellow pilots engage it on their personal freelance ventures, but are forbidden during official company flights. If a fellow pilot gets into trouble for illegal activities while on a personal mission, it will be on his own account and he or she will have to assume responsibility for these activities on a personal level.
- All of the above is to keep our organization out of the law’s and harm’s way acordingly, as our reputation in the ‘Verse as well as the way we treat our friends and partners are our greatest assets, here at INTERCOSMIC.

“Why this logo in particular?”

Logo + why
I had this image in my head for a long time: A large space ship leaving orbit, gracefully turning into the vast and cold open space with the sun’s first flash of light of a new day glistening on its hull – its escorts following suit and swarming along like a school of dolphins (not unlike the header I had made, displaying a Hull C and escorting Reliants – looking forward to the Skirmisher variant). Ancient Greek and Phoenician depictions of sea horses depict Sea Horses as the steeds of marine gods, accompanied by schoals of dolphins, carving through the vastness of the oceans… what better way to put a winged Sea Horse (depicting grace, power, speed and the ability to reach whichever place in the known and unknown universe) in the centre of a blackened planet, sun rays portruding from the background and with the ray of light flashing alongside the stratosphere? (rhetorical).

“Is there a story to the company logo? I could swear having seen this before. A fishtailed Pegasus?”

‘Old’ Logo + History
Yes, there is some history to our logo and no, it is not a fishtailed Pegasus but a winged Seahorse. Some (older) folks may remember this logo from the old Air France one. However, our logo is somewhat different. In fact our logo is much older than that of Air France and was borrowed from another, long extinct French airline called “Air Orient”, from which also Air France adopted its version of the logo when absorbing said carrier.

‘New Logo + Background
The new logo will not fully replace the old one but is meant to bring some fresh air into things from a desing stance. The seahorse is, in fact, adapted from the emblem of USTRANSCOM, the US of AF’s unified transportation command, providing air, land and sea transportation for the Department of Defense, both in times of peace and times of war… somehow fitting, given our role as armed logistics corporation, right?!

“Does this org have a TS or discord?”

TS and/or Discord
Well, the short answer is Yes and Yes… while the long answer is (also Yes), we will have either a TS or Discord when we get close to the release of the comming FPS modes… tried and tested Discord myself… cannot say I like it much. But then again, others may well disagree with me. And TS is another option, still looking for a dedicated channel admin for it. I am using TS for other games and while it is getting old, it is reliable and everyone and their granny knows it. Currently, we can use the TS channel of our buddies at IGAIR and if we need something quick my bud Alpha has got spare ccapacity on another gaming TS. Ultimately we will have our own and exclusively dedicated SC channel be that TS3 or Discord – if you like we can have a vote on who likes which better. Suggestions are welcomed.

Copyright 2944-2952 – INTERCOSMIC INCORPORATED™ a division of INTERCOSMOS™ LTD
Org. Referral Code / STAR-7L6S-3VKD any gains to benefit and be available to all Org. members
Company “Greycat” Buggy and Fish Tank achieved / Next Target: Company “Gladius” Fighter Craft (8/10 Referrals)