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The Jump Accord / JUMPACCORD

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The Jump Accord – A lawfully aligned, UEE based organization created to protect 890 Jump owners (the Signatories of our Accord) against unwarranted attacks in their yachts. Or if necessary avenge. While also partaking in networking and inter-organizational diplomacy at the highest levels.


Now accepting affiliates and crew!

Home of the 890th Squadron: Guardians of the Accord

While we use an extensive network of Security Partners, we also train together in the volunteer force known as the 890th Squadron. These so called “Guardians” prepare to protect … and in the worst scenario … avenge … the graceful Super Yachts owned by our Signatories.

About the Accord

Growing from the 890 Jump Club discord channel started by Jorunn in Nov 2016 which now has hundreds of jump owners, a mutual protection accord was proposed by several as a subset of the umbrella organization of all 890J owners.

You commit to not use your 890J in aggressive combat unless first attacked and to not invoke The Accord except whereas the rules and standards of The Accord apply so as not to besmirch the lawful and just reputation of The Accord and it’s fair distribution of retribution against pirates and griefers.

You also commit to come to the immediate aid of fellow members who put out the call for defense or group sanctioned retribution against outlaws who would attack a member’s 890J.

Please see the Charter and Manifesto for further information.

Authorized Diplomats:

CEO: Jorunn
COO: CZenStar
High Council & Diplomatic Prefect: Shaozen
Security Council & Diplomatic Prefect: Starship Hermit
Security Council & Diplomatic Prefect: Starlette

Alliances and Associations:

- Member of the Risingstar Mutual Aid Network
- Council Member of the Intergalactic Space Convocation

Security Partners

- Javelin Private Military Company
- Shadow Vipers
- The Black Star Initiative
- Fleet of the Faithful Knights
- Vanguard
- Legacy Fleet
- Kolonial Marine Service
- Walkers of Sigma 957

The Jump Accord, an Origin story

There once was a captain, we will call him Captain Jorunn (because that is indeed his name), who wanted to traverse the verse in style. He started out like all of us do, with humble beginnings and an Aurora. Jorunn soon upgraded to an Origin 350r and his near obsession with all things luxurious began. He knew that he was not cut out to make his name as a combat pilot (one of his colleagues having described him as a collision hazard) so he pursued other avenues to make a name for himself. As it turns out he was good at something else: making money. With his business acumen, he quickly rose through the ranks of the elite and found himself at the pinnacle of society. To mark this monumental climb to success, he punctuated it with the purchase of an Origin 890 Jump. Life was grand, for awhile…

Then one day, while headed through the Stanton system to have lunch with a business contact near Crusader, the unthinkable happened. Captain Jorunn was ambushed by pirates. As of late he had heard the rumors that Stanton was seeing a rise in crime, but he had dismissed them. ‘If anyone could afford to police themselves, it would be the mega corporations that own Stanton. Right?’ Well it turns out those rumors were true, and while passing the Crusader moon of Yela, a large contingent of Ninetails pirates were expecting him. He was yanked out of quantum travel (which can be severely disorienting you know) and they managed to somehow overwhelm the yacht’s defenses to board it. Whether you’re a combat pilot or not, the 350r is one fast ship and the captain just happened to have his in the hangar. Jorunn escaped.

If mountains of insurance paperwork weren’t bad enough, Captain Jorunn also had to wait for his ship to be built…again. This was unacceptable! So when the captain launched his 890 Jump the second time, it was with a mission. Jorunn started to seek out every Jump owner he could and soon he had networked with over one hundred captains. During this time, many of them had shared their own stories about similar acts of piracy. What could be done? A few of the captains came up with a plan. To use the influence they had all obtained to help protect each other. To enact retribution on those trying to steal or destroy their ships. To ensure no one would want to carry out an unprovoked attack against one of their own again. An agreement was struck. They had come to an accord. The Jump Accord was born Sept 2, 2947.


The Jump Accord, A Star Citizen Organization

An organization created to protect 890 Jump owners’ ship investments.

The Jump Accord is a lawfully aligned organization that will protect its members against piracy and act as a mediator to settle disputes amongst the captains of this accord. This organization is an affiliate organization, it is not exclusive nor is it designed to be an organization that partakes in the politics and/or the disputes of other organizations (unless requested to mediate from a neutral position). The Jump Accord owners will be able to enact the Accord to call for assistance if a threat befalls them, possible retribution if they are wronged or reclamation of a stolen ship, if possible, as long the guidelines of The Jump Accord are followed.

The Jump Accord:

We Signatories act with honor, uphold the laws, treat people with respect and act as a Citizens of our stature should.

1. If you deliberately use your 890 Jump for offensive combat, or take it into dangerous space intentionally asking for trouble, your protection rights during these situations are waived. Enacting the Accord is designed for peaceful members traversing the verse.

2. Actions that could besmirch The Jump Accord (for example Piracy), may result in a review of Signatory status with consequences up to and including expulsion. Building a good, solid reputation is sacrosanct.

3. The Jump Accord endeavors to avoid other guilds’, organizations’, or other entities’ politics, unless asked to mediate a dispute as a neutral party, but will engage in Diplomacy to further the goals of the Accord.

Have a grand time! A league of extraordinary Citizens is the company you keep here.

Apply Now!

To become a Signatory requires ownership of an illustrious 890 Jump. See your local Origin Jumpworks show floor for an appointment.

We are now open for Affiliates and other roles for non-Jump owners to aid in providing security and services for the Accord.


Organization Structure


We have (non-member) combat specialist security partners that are in the following groups:
- Outside Contractors
- Combat Consultants (who work with us more closely)
- Security Captains (those currently operating to coordinate security forces)


- Prospects
- Affiliates (Jump ownership not required, default new member status.)
- “890th Squadron: Guardians of the Accord” – Militia organized internal forces (including our internal combat consultants and security captains)
- Signatories (Super Yacht Owners that have signed the Accord and therefore have their Jumps covered by our protections)
- Security Council (Group that evaluates intelligence and shapes policy)
- Prefects (Officers with specific mandates of authority and responsibility)
- High Council (Oversight group with final say on proposals)


Proposals, changes and drastic actions are decided by consensus of the High Council, unless handled by appropriate Prefects (officers appointed by the High Council).