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Cognition Corp.

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What is Cognition Corp?

Cognition Corp. is a casual gaming community and politically neutral faction in the universe of Star Citizen.

We are composed of independent groups as well as solo members. Our function is to provide individuals and small teams with an opportunity to lead large campaigns, access a vibrant information network, and offer a multitude of support roles within a larger context of the game. We believe that large networks are required for success in the macroeconomic scale of Star Citizen, but that smaller and more cohesive groups will be more effective at specific goals than large and monolithic empires.

Cognition Corp is a completely neutral organization, so all in-game professions are acceptable in our network. Our organization is based on the idea that we are here to have fun and larger networks should provide more gameplay opportunities rather than restricting member occupations according to in-game politics.

What Level of Commitment Should I Expect?

Star Citizen is still in development! While we’d love to play some Arena Commander with you, your presence is not mandatory. We understand that not everyone has the ability or interest to game with us on a regular basis, and real life will always take precedence in Cognition Corp.


Artwork by Dan LuVisi and Jasmine Becket-Griffith


True Neutral

Cognition Corp is a neutral organization and does not restrict member occupations according to in-game politics. All professions are equally viable within our network and all member organizations have access to our coalition resources. Our mission at Cognition Corp is to allow for all occupations to become viable for groups of all sizes.

Cognition Corp has a strictly agnostic approach to direct conflict between our organization groups and members. As long as the conflict is within the context of game, involves no cheating, and does not destroy, harm, or hinder the operations of the network itself, then the dispute is expected to be resolved among the participants of the conflict.

Total Independence

We do not wish to absorb your smaller organization! We believe that groups which are more specialized and have experience together are better and more efficient teams. This is a casual gaming community and does not require setting Cognition Corp as your main organization. Main org status in Cognition Corp should be reserved for those who would prefer to work as a multi-skilled generalists or casual members of the network. Main members exist to support and strengthen the efforts of our affiliated organizations.

Meritocratic Governance

As a consensus model, Cognition Corp is a capitalistic meritocracy. Members are given a weighted democratic vote based on their merits helping others in the network. The government operates without a hierarchy in an almost completely ‘flat’ structure, which means that anyone willing to contribute can engage with others in their campaigns at any level.

Foundations of Economic Prosperity

Some networks promise to work as a cartel. Cartels artificially inflate costs at the benefit of themselves and to the detriment to everyone else, essentially institutionalizing inefficiency and antagonizing neighbors. Other networks are nothing more than a list of contacts with no cohesive plan. Our meritocratic governance promotes the best candidates for their profession, and our capitalist philosophy and macroeconomic goals encourage a healthy trading environment.


The Rules

  • No racism, sexism, ageism, or trolling
  • Respect the community and your fellow members
  • No griefing, cheating, or utilizing exploits
  • Do not spam promotions, sales, giveaways, or twitch streams
  • No tinyurls or other link shorteners
  • No spoilers

Violations of our rules will result in temporary or permanent bans.

Rank and Structure

Ranks in Cognition Corp are meant to illustrate how affiliated our members are within our own network. Members can join up to 9 organizations affiliated with Cognition Corp on the RSI website, so each rank up to (5) is gained for being a member of more affiliated organizations within the Cognition network.

Rank 5 = Cognate (Cognition Corp +9 Community Orgs)
Rank 4 = Partner (Cognition Corp +7 Community Orgs)
Rank 3 = Ally (Cognition Corp +5 Community Orgs)
Rank 2 = Networker (Cognition Corp +3 Community Orgs)
Rank 1 = Affiliate (Cognition Corp +1 Community Org)
No Rank = Casual Member (Only a Member of Cognition Corp)