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November 22nd 2013

Lore Builder: Six: Sataball & Criminals

Lore Builder: Six: Sataball & Criminals

Hello and welcome back to LORE BUILDER, where we flesh out the Star Citizen universe with you, the community. If you are new to this feature, please consult the caveats and background reading described at the beginning of the first issue.

We’re going to try something a little new this week. While we are still going to be exploring the potential formats for SataBall, we are also going to open up discussions on a separate topic for those whose interests lie outside of sports. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

First off:


The results from last week’s poll are in. Australian Rules Football just barely edged out Zan’s fantastic write-up, so if it ultimately wins, we will use the ARF as a foundation and develop the rules and format together.

I noticed that many people wanted a combination of Zan’s magnetic tractors/repulsors along with the Australian Rules Football, so I’ll include it as an option in the final poll. Again, thanks to everyone who contributed.

Here are this week’s set of game formats to vote on:

Type of Field: Elongated Octagon
Number of Teams: 2
Summary: Laser net ceiling lowers as game progresses
Post Link

Type of Field: Hexagon
Number of Teams: 2
Summary: Handball with segmented barriers (upper and lower)
Post Link

Type of Field: Octagon
Number of Teams: 2
Summary: Combination of handball and football
Post Link

Premium Arphaxad
Type of Field: Circular
Number of Teams: 2
Summary: High-intensity and rugby-like
Post Link

Type of Field: Elongated Octagon
Number of Teams: 2
Summary: Handball/football, where players have specialized abilities (Jumpers and Pushers)
Post Link

So have a look at this week’s ideas for the game’s format and vote at the bottom.

Now for our other topic of the week:


It’s a dangerous universe out there. With the financial strain of the Empire, there are plenty of opportunities for the criminal element to flourish. As such, in the Star Citizen universe we are going to need NPC bad-guys for you to fight (or trade with).

So we’re looking for some smaller scale criminal organizations (whether they are pirate, syndicate, or gangs). Before continuing, I’m going to reiterate one of the caveats and add one constraint.

Be very mindful that these summaries will confer no benefits/reputation/etc. to the character you will ultimately play in the game — i.e., don’t write up your character as the most notorious pirate in the universe. These descriptions are meant to be flavor-text for criminals, not the major illegal operators in the universe. So keep them relatively small-time.

Please keep these descriptions to a single paragraph. It’s much more difficult, I know, but that limitation will help you keep their appearance, identifying traits and/or personalities succinct and distinctive.

Here’s an example to get you started:

ARGAL DAWN: Led by four-time Quarterdeck escapee XIN KESSER, the Dawn love nothing more than swarming trade lanes and overwhelming cargo ships. While they’ll steal anything, they have a particular love of weapons. Their ships are heavily armed, almost at the expense of other ship functions. While not overly violent, they will not hesitate to battle law enforcement or civilians who want to play hero.

So please vote and post your ideas in the comments below. Also, if you still have ideas on the team names, feel free to post them and we’ll keep amending the list as we proceed.

Until next week …

Sataball Game Format II

What is the basic format for the game?

Total Votes: 1740

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